Fit Una Ready For Ferns

Every year, most people make it an effort to at least try something new that they have not done before. Many, however, do not go through with it but there
14 Jan 2015 09:08
Fit Una Ready For Ferns
Unaisi Rauluni of the Fiji Pearls team during her training at Hyundai Fitness Centre yesterday. Photo: Rama

Every year, most people make it an effort to at least try something new that they have not done before. Many, however, do not go through with it but there are some who will not stop till they achieve what they set out to do.

This year will be a very important year for one particular young woman, who happens to be the daughter of former Fiji 7s star, the late Vesito Rauluni.

Unaisi Rauluni has been selected into the final 12-member squad of the Fiji Pearls who will be playing in the inaugural Oceania Tri Series which will be a historic event for Fiji as we will be hosting the infamous Silver Ferns.

The 20-year-old who started playing netball at the age of 16 when she attended Suva Grammar School said this would be an exciting year.

Not only is she training hard for the tournament next week but she is also going through a six- month recruitment course with the Fiji Correction Service.

“This year will be something new for me because this is the first time I will be playing against the Silver Ferns which will be a bit scary for me,” she said.

“Not only that, I want to keep my place in the team for the World Cup in Australia, which is also something that is new to me.

“It is all well and good to set personal goals but achieving them is a different story and it will not be easy playing against the Ferns and keeping a place on the team for the World Cup.

“However, one thing that has helped me through training and keeping fit is the training I go through in the Fiji Correction Service recruitment course. This type of training is very different from what I face when training with the Pearls.”

She added, “We do a lot of training in the hills and that is one way I have kept my fitness levels up and improved on certain skills like running. So in a way I am more ahead then the other girls in terms of fitness because I have been going through with it.”

Unaisi is not the type to set goals for every year but this year she knows what she wants and she would be using the Silver Ferns as a means to attain that.

“Doing something for the first time can be a bit nerve wrecking but I am willing to go all the way and it really just depends on improving our personal strengths, weaknesses and keeping fit,” she said.

“We are quite lucky to have the Ferns at the beginning of the year because from there I can gauge on what I need to improve on and what I am doing wrong.

“I want to carry on till the World Cup and also want to really improve on my netball skills, not just me but most of the girls will using this as form of personal improvement and playing the Ferns and watching their techniques in person out on the court will be a boost for me.

“So with less than a week to go till we meet the Silver Ferns, I am really excited and just taking it a day at a time and focusing on the training sessions and what the management has set out for us during the week.”

Having the support of not only her team mates but also her family has encouraged and motivated her to put in hard work in order to be successful.

“My family has really been there for me and so have my fellow team mates,” she said.

“When my family found out I was named into the final squad, they were so happy for me and now my job is to make them even more proud by staying in the team.”

As Unaisi reflected on her journey to where she is now, one memorable moment stood out for her which was the World Youth Championships back in 2013.

“That was one of the moments that is embedded in my memory because I got to meet different coaches and players from all around the world.

“And that is what netball does; it takes us out of our comfort zone and helps us grow as a person and looking back then to where I am now, I realise just how privileged I am to be here.

“I want this to be a motivation to everyone else who want to chase something they enjoy doing and that nothing comes easily; you need to work hard and to keep being positive if you want to get what you want.”



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