Letters To The Editor, January 27, 2015

Enamanu cemetery Ronnie Chang, Valelevu With every respect and dignity, allow me to share my personal views for the sake of all Nadi residents who use Enamanu Cemetery. It took
27 Jan 2015 10:19

Enamanu cemetery

Ronnie Chang, Valelevu

With every respect and dignity, allow me to share my personal views for the sake of all Nadi residents who use Enamanu Cemetery.

It took the life and burial of the late hard-working Permanent Secretary – Sugar, Mr Manasa Vaniqi to truly highlight the plight of all Nadi residents who use Enamanu Cemetery.

It took the presence of Fiji’s most “likeable” President and the Prime Minister amongst many others inclusive of Cabinet Ministers, heads of Government departments to witness first-hand the cold hard truth and state of Enamanu Cemetery. Their presence at Enamanu is indeed a blessing in disguise

Seeing is believing!

I have shared my views in these open columns on several occasions over the years.

My suggestion on using inmates from Correctional Services – Lautoka did not receive any response.

As a true “kai Nadi” of almost 63 years, I have witnessed no Government authority and/or Nadi Town Council take any jurisdiction over Enamanu Cemetery. We maintain the cleanliness or otherwise our final resting place. Many citizens leave their loved ones graves unattended for years.

Members of the Nadi Chinese Community have paid as much as FJ$300 for our loved ones graves to be dug and bury. Additionally, grave diggers expect the delivery of early morning breakfast and lunch. The main access to our section of the cemetery is now padlocked by members of one community who see it fit to do so. We are greatly inconvenienced. Such action, I have not seen in all my years. So sad. So uncaring. Yet so very real and so very true.

I pray our prayers will finally to be answered as this sharing is done for and on behalf all Nadi citizens who plan to use Enamanu Cemetery as their final resting place, me included.

The over-crowding at Enamanu is of utmost serious plight and concern. Nadi needs another cemetery as soon as practically possible.

Will our prayers be finally answered?

Meanwhile, we remain truly thankful to one very caring late resident of Nadi who so generously donated this piece of property to be used as a cemetery.

May our heavenly Father grant her eternal rest and everlasting happiness in HIs home. Full disclosures, if any, must respectfully come from that family.


Anything for


Margaret Snow, Suva


I was watching the program “We Ni Yava” on Mai TV on Sunday night which is hosted by Mr Manoa Rasigatale.

He was highlighting the plight of the school children in Sigatoka who lived across the river.

Their daily routine consisted of swimming across a river in the morning, walking a short distance to catch a carrier to school, then returning home in the afternoon with the same routine of swimming across the river to go home.

My heart went out to the little ones who endure the hardship of travelling the distance to get an education with the help of their parents to cross the river every day.

In this day and age of technology we are living in, I was sad to find out on TV that this still exists in Fiji.

We can now construct roads and bridges with the help of overseas aids and Government funding in various parts of Fiji.

And the progress done by this Government has been enormous and I am grateful for that.

I am sure something can be done to construct a simple bridge or provide a boat to help these little ones cross the river without the risk of losing their life for the sake of education.

Thank you Mr Rasigatale for always keeping us entertained through your programme “We Ni Yawa”.


Beating child

Khalid Ahmed, Suva


The law which has been placed by our Government regarding beating children is good but the question is if we do not teach our children how to behave than any idea where will they end up.

I think certain amount of punishment should have been allowed so our children are controlled and well mannered or they will end up like hooligans.

I have been to foreign countries and trust me very few children know the meaning of manners.

If certain amount of punishment is not allowed than in future our Police force will have more work.

Government should reconsider its decision.

We are well mannered today because when we used to lie or do anything wrong than we use to be punished by our parents.

If we were not punished that time than today we might have ended up behind the bars and increased more police work.

Decision should be made by taking its advantage and disadvantage.


Democracy at work

Ecelini Naivadra, Suva


So satisfying to see the democratic process at work through the Minister for Health’s widespread public consultations on health issues.

Great also to see the Assistant Minister get her fair share of media coverage.

Go Fiji Go!


Marijuana war

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Timoci Gaunavinaka’s proposal makes a lot of sense in the use of drones fitted with infrared cameras for our war on drugs especially marijuana.

We have read of Police reports revealing that marijuana is being planted in hard to reach places where no one expects or suspects for anything to be planted.

To fight this war smart, the Police or authorities in using the drones would be able to pinpoint the exact location where marijuana are being planted.

Money, resources and manpower are being saved as the Police team go out to the exact spot marked, instead of just combing the hills and mountains for days and hoping to find a marijuana plantation.

Imagine the fear it will bring to marijuana farmers and the surprise to landowners and chiefs when they have an aerial photograph of their island or land showing the actual site and area where these weeds are planted?

Mr Gaunavinaka has come up with an excellent proposal, now the ball is in the authorities court, if they are serious in this marijuana war.


Watch out

Allen Lockington, Nadi


Thank goodness scaling of marks has been scrapped.

Now, we will see the true colour of the student.

However, I have a small warning for teachers – Pull up your socks or your school will end up as an underperforming school.

Ask me again next year when we see the real raw marks of your students.

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