Hearty Healthy Meal For My Family

Her smiling face is the one that greets you when you withdraw cash from one of our prominent banks automatic teller machine (ATM). Many may wonder who this woman is?
30 Jan 2015 12:20
Hearty Healthy Meal For My Family
Mrs Lilo shops with her daughter Jane at MH Superfresh on Wednesday. Photos: Paulini Ratulailai

Her smiling face is the one that greets you when you withdraw cash from one of our prominent banks automatic teller machine (ATM).

Many may wonder who this woman is? Well, she is Viti Tuimabualau Lilo, a mother of five and this week she talked to the fiji sun about her shopping experience

Being a working mother is not easy but Mrs Lilo said it challenges her in a good way. It keeps her on the go everyday but what is important is making sure that she purchases the best and freshest foods for her family.

Mrs Lilo, who is also a talented cook, gives one of her many recipes to help other mothers especially those who are working.

Shopping day

Mrs Lilo’s ideal day for grocery shopping is Wednesday, given her busy schedule at work and does her shopping at her favourite supermarket on a fortnightly basis.

“I love shopping at MH Superfresh because it has everything I need from groceries, toiletries to meat and vegetables.

“My experiences have always been positive because at MH Superfresh they have all I need. Their meat, fruits and vegetables are always fresh. Their cold cut section has everything you need to buy for school lunches. This is what I find convenient!  I have also learned to know the staff and in return they are always nice to me and my family.”

“We often shop about three times a week at the most but my shopping day is Wednesday and until or unless something runs out– we are always back at MH Superfresh to shop.”

When it comes to marketing, Mrs Lilo said she visits the market once or twice in a week but this is only for certain food such as seafood and root crops.

“I prefer to shop around early Saturday morning for fresh seafood and staple food directly from the farm,” she said.

Family Budget

Family budget, Mrs Lilo says, is what most parents draw up on a weekly,  fortnightly or monthly basis depending on their pay days.

She said it should consist of what you have put aside for expenses.

“For me my family budget consists of food, entertainment, fuel, school, car, house and hire purchases. Both my husband and I work so it’s quite easy for us to draw up our budget and minus the expenses for the family. So it’s pretty much smooth for us.”

Shoes & Clothes

Mrs Lilo is known by many to be stylish when it comes to dressing up.

If you are wondering where she gets her clothes and shoes from, Mrs Lilo says, that she does most of her shopping online.

And when it comes to online shopping, she said he has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.

“I highly recommend that when you do shopping online for clothes and shoes, make sure you are dealing with a genuine vendor,” Mrs Lilo said.

“A lot of people are now buying on Facebook, some of these vendors are registered and some are not. When buying make sure you check on the size of the shoe or clothes. Is it the right size, If not you can always check on the internet for shoe and clothes sizes in regards to make that is US, UK, China and Europe.”

She said there are standard sizes available online for such.


When shopping at the local supermarket, Mrs Lilo said one should make sure to always check on expiry dates. She also advises shoppers;

– Choose their onions, potatoes and garlic carefully

– When shopping for flour, rice and sugar one must check the packaging, some might have holes in it or the rice and flour might have weevils in it so make sure you check on these before you pay for the items.

– As for marketing, aim for fresh and clean looking vegetables especially in lettuce and cabbage.

– Always keep a shopping list with you when you go shopping. Stick to it and you will save more.

Kitchen Talent and Recipe

Being a working mum, wife and mother is a skill most women have. However, Mrs Lilo said this skill comes with patience, love and on top of it all, time management.

“When I get home, I take off my career hat and put on my mother’s hat. I always make sure that my family eats a hearty healthy meal every day,” she said.

“I could give you all my recipes but then if it’s not made with love then it won’t taste like it.”

She said on a very busy day, she would whip up something as easy as spaghetti in bolognaise or creamy chicken pasta but on most days it is always fried chicken, mash and veggies.



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