Letters January 31, 2015

Viriviri back Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu When the Vodafone Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan is happy, we fans are also happy. Viriviri flew in from France and Ryan is impressed with
31 Jan 2015 11:20
Letters January 31, 2015
Captain A.L. Bill Masi, one of the RFMF soldiers on Christmas Island in 1958. Photo: DEPTFO News

Viriviri back

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

When the Vodafone Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan is happy, we fans are also happy.

Viriviri flew in from France and Ryan is impressed with his fitness and speed when he should be experiencing jet lag.

Our boys have recovered from the last leg and with Viriviri in the line-up, the coach will be working on a devastating combination and performance in Wellington followed by Las Vegas.

Fans who would like to visit New Zealand and the United States could use the 7s rugby to apply for a visitor’s visa and do not need a sponsor, but one needs to have adequate funds.

I get excited very easily and reading that Viriviri is back and in top shape, just kind of raised my expectation level and to start the number of sleeps countdown.

Go Fiji go.

The inspired book

Lawrence H Narayan, Suva

As Nick Rodriquez made a reference to the Bible as a 2000-year useless old book that a group of core fundamentalists follow because of a prophecy from a group of desert-dwelling goat herders.

The truth is the Bible is a collection of writings comprised of 66 Books written over a period of 1500 years by 40 different authors by the inspiration of God.

The earliest recorded scripture was written nearly 3500 years ago by the Prophet Moses and from the very first verse of Genesis, the Bible gives factual accounts of how God interacted with the earth.

It gives historically accurate details as well as being theologically accurate that can be verified by secular historical records.

The whole book is about one central figure – The Lord Jesus Christ.

The Old Testament points to this Person, by metaphors and through direct prophecies.

The New Testament shows us the fulfillment of these prophecies and the meaning and the consequences of the coming of Christ.

This “God Inspired Book” has been relevant in every period of world history whether in times of war or peace, in the Dark Ages or in our modern technological age. Millions of people have found nourishment, help, and encouragement from this book and many continue to do so every day.

Incidentally, the group of fundamentalists Mr. Rodriquez refers to, does not force anyone to read and believe in the Bible particularly, those who believe life on this planet evolved from “Primordial Soup.”

To them we could only recommend some educational internet sites that deal with science and technology in the modern world.

Here is one of the sites that may help them to understand a little about God and creation: and if it interests them, then they may follow on with other videos on this site and see for themselves how science supports “Creation” over “Life by Chance.”

FSC annual reports

Dr Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka

It indeed reflects badly on the present chief executive officer (CEO) of the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) when the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) makes a public statement, listing FSC to be one of the companies, where in particular, its CEO, has showed signs of laxity for non-submission of annual reports and properly audited accounts.

The lapse is not for one year all the consecutive years 2011-2013 inclusive.

In Fiji we have a FSC board which manages this entity, and also we have a PS Sugar, Minister for Sugar,  director of sugar, chief executive officer, an entire board and the list goes on.

What is apparent in clearly a very high degree of laxity, for a prolonged period of time.

It is no use talking about Master Awards and other major issues, at least  account to the people of Fiji annually of the activities of a State-owned enterprise that he is delegated to look after.
Community service

Allen Lockington, Nadi

Good to see the members of the National Federation Party who are JPs taking time out to come to Mulomulo to sign bus fare vouchers, free water and medicine applications.

Many of them have busy schedules but they take the time to come to the rural areas. I salute you.

This is what community service is all about.

Australian Knighthood saga

Vishwa Nadan,  Lautoka

It is a very sad indictment on the part of those Australians who have their dissent against the bestowing of Australias highest honor to the Duke of Edinburgh.

There seems to be a lot of generation gap and misunderstanding, hence they have conveniently forgotten the arrival of the first fleet of British ship at port Jackson, NSW on January 27, 1788.

Coincidently the Governor at that time was another Phillip none other than Arthur Phillip certainly, a relative of Prince Phillip.

If there is any humanity on those opposed to the Knighthood should do some soul searching on the contributions of those great chieftains who had set their foot on this unknown and undeveloped country for their future generations.

Today this country “Commonwealth of Australia” is the envy of being the most progressive and peaceful nation.

Certainly the royal family deserves some recognition albeit it came too late in the 200 years old history of this prosperous nation.

Traffic dilemma

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

The traffic nowadays is really disturbing.

There are so many people getting frustrated with very valid reasons.

It’s not easy to wait all the way in the traffic for long period if time.

Nowadays stuck in traffic daily while going to work makes me so upset and angry. The increase in the number of cars is becoming a very serious issue and if not controlled on time will be a major hindrance.

One car per family seems like best option at the moment and upgrading the roads by widening it will be if great help.

High time for more lanes on our roads. Slowly but the jib must start.


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