Letters To The Editor, Monday February 2, 2015

Appreciating service Floyd Robinson, Nasinu Some are quick to criticize Fiji Airways but fail to forget that it is fair to also acknowledge them for their efforts. Having travelled recently
02 Feb 2015 10:19



Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Some are quick to criticize Fiji Airways but fail to forget that it is fair to also acknowledge them for their efforts.

Having travelled recently on a flight from Funafuti, Tuvalu, to Nausori I was rather pleased with their service on board the aircraft. Once in the air, passengers were advised to wear their seat belts for safety reasons as the turbulence appeared unforgiving at times.

The pilot explained that turbulence would be experienced for at least 40 minutes and apologized for any inconvenience caused.

Nature is beyond the pilots control but an apology does mean lot especially in times when passengers appear nervous.

Some passengers decided to start moving in aircraft but were politely reminded to remain seated until further notice. Once the turbulence had stopped, Joe and Azleen began to serve passengers with a meal.

Despite the time lost, they managed to serve all passengers in a timely manner.

Azleen did look beautiful in her tekiteki which was colorful and attractive, bringing hope amidst the turbulence.

The flight managed to reach Nausori on estimated time of arrival and some passengers were able to catch connecting flights.

The scenery of Islands and reefs from the aircraft was awesome, allowing passengers to appreciate some of Fiji’s natural beauty.

Most of all the pilots managed to deliver passengers safely to Nausori and that was what mattered most.

Look forward to flying with Fiji Airways again and shall be on the lookout for the tekiteki.

Early menopause

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu


Those in a marital relationship should take note of the research done at Washington University in St Louis, that Chemicals commonly found in make-up, toiletries and food packaging are causing women to go through menopause up to four years early. (FS 31/1)

From a male perspective, we should not worry too much about this finding if both partners experience menopause with the flame of sexual desire gone.

But for men who are sexually active while their partners are beginning to lose the plot, check out this finding and get rid of all the items that may be contributing to early menopause in women.

Menopause in women will come but it is imperative for both partners to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy intimacy while it lasts.

For sexually active married men, it becomes frustrating when we have to put up with appearances that all is well in our marriage life but deep down you are in pain because your life partner has switched off.


Benefits of walking

Wise Muavono, Sydney, Australia

How many people who took part in the NCDs walk in Lautoka last Saturday do actually walk (exercise) in their free time ?

I’m guessing that majority of them attended the walk just for the sake of it, not realising the benefits of keeping fit and healthy.

Sad eh ?


Local Government

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

It is four (4) months now after the September 2014 elections and the local government administration is still operating on the old format without the election of town clerks, lord mayors according to the principle of representative democracy and local government act.

This is nothing short of an electoral offence under the 2013 constitution and local government act. Election of councillors and lord mayors normally follow after the elected government is put in place.

These councillors usually represent their wards and are the ones who direct management as to the vision of the council. They also approve the councils budget and strategic plan based on the consultations with rate payers and its associations during pocket meetings.

Where is the tranparency, accountability, and good governance we boast about in our 2013 Constitution?

I request Parliment to direct the electoral commission through the supervisor of election office to undertake immediate election of councillors in the various town councils in accordance with section 75(2)(e) and 76(2)(b)(ii) of the 2013 Constitution.

Audit reports

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Audit reports have been in he news for quite some time.

In most meeting after only a few questions the audit report is approved without a single receipt or a check butt viewed.

Can a member of an institution see the actual receipts and check butts and the bank statement of the institution to confirm what is written on the Audit report is nothing but the whole truth .

By the way are there any regulations on who can and who can’t make an audit report .


Don’t hit a student

Ashneel Prasad, Auckland, New Zealand

Recently on Facebook I’ve seen that some newly graduate teachers were complaining about their students and seemed very keen on seeing the reintroduction of corporal punishment.

Naturally I was very angry at their thought and did give them a sound warning.

Later I realised there might be others with the same thinking so I find it very necessary to clear some air.

First of all to the newly graduate teachers who are complaining about their student, you knew very well before going into teaching that you will encounter all kinds of children.

Now if you can’t handle them, then I might suggest you changing your profession.

There are hundreds of other unemployed teachers who are ready to take your place. Secondly on the issue of corporal punishment – it had been banished for a reason.

These same student’s are the reason you get your wages, so I suggest atleast show show gratitude and appreciation to them.

And I firmly believe corporal punishment shouldn’t ever be brought back again.

There are many other means of punishment quite as effective of that of corporal such as detention, written apology from the student or even garden duties.

The best way of reforming a student is first by understanding them and not inflicting pain on them.

And one more thing which most of the people forget, beating or hitting a child is a criminal offense and you could be jailed if found doing so, nevermind if you are the child’s parent or teacher.

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