Letters February 09, 2015

Roko Tui Ratu Semi M Kuboutawa, Brisbane, Australia Assurances by the Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs, Savenaca Kaunisela, that the position of Roko Tui stay put is a timely one.
09 Feb 2015 07:20

Roko Tui

Ratu Semi M Kuboutawa, Brisbane, Australia

Assurances by the Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs, Savenaca Kaunisela, that the position of Roko Tui stay put is a timely one.

This assurances by the Ministry rebuffs the lies cooked up pre-September ’14 national elections by certain desperate political parties.

Now the hard working staff, Roko Tui and Assistant Roko Tui in respective Provincial Administration could refocus on all worthy provincial development projects for the good of the province.

I reiterate my suggestions many moons ago, that it may be also an opportune time for Ministry of iTaukei Affairs to nominate an “Assistant Roko Tui – Business and Asset Development – or a  title of similar description in each Province – preferably from Fijians of other ethnicity with proven business experience and qualification to assist harness and excite revenue development propositions of iTaukei assets and resources lying dormant, and sadly surrounded by generations of widespread poverty within our iTaukei rural and urban communities.

I further suggest, despite past submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1998 for a Department of Foreign Fijians, that a “assistant Roko – Fijian Diaspora kind of portfolio to harness in the iTaukei Diaspora finances, technical and business expertise toward respective provincial developments.

Now, as a social balance, I suggest each province to nominate a “Chaplain” from one of the five major churches in Fiji to assist networking among all the myriad of churches in our villages.

This may just harness in a common theology of hard work and eating from the sweat of our brow, instead of waiting for manna from heaven, praying all night and sleeping/fellowshipping all daylight hours.

The provincial chaplain may also assist local pastors and reverend teach, especially our young men, that kava drinking is not good for courting and eventual conception of the iTaukei next generation.

Fiji 7s

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Let’s not cry over spilt milk. What has happened in Wellington cannot be undone.

However, our Vodafone Fiji 7s team should preserve the same fire when Osea Kolinisau and Semi Kunatani joined the team to win the Plate final.

Use the Las Vegas Sevens this week as a replay of the Wellington 7s, but this time maintaining discipline in tackles, etc and winning the title as promised to Fijians.

Go Fiji go!

What went wrong?

Khalid Ahmed, Suva

There shouldn’t be any reason why we lost in the Wellington 7s Cup quarterfinals. Kunatani and Kolinisau are great players but we had good men on the bench to replace them.

What plan did our 7s coach have before the quarterfinals?

We’ve just won one tournament, two we bundled out in the quarters and one in semifinal.

This result is same as any local coach. Viriviri’s speed is not what he had but definitely he will pick up later.

If we look at the New Zealand team they had a 17-year-old player.

How many times did we have 17-year-old player? Most of our players who have represented their schools have gone overseas. Was bringing in Mr Ryan the right choice?

Can Fiji Rugby Union tell the public who were the coaches that applied for the job? I think Mike Friday should have been approached.

The FRU should come clean and tell the public about those who applied for the job and what criteria were used to employ our current 7s coach.

As for 15s team they should have approached Robbie Deans. Tonga is getting help from Jake White.

Mr Ryan you are coaching the best 7s team in the world and country with an abundance of rugby talent.

If you can’t get success with this team than I would say it’s a hard time for you in future.

We are Fijians and 7s-loving-people and I hope you understand our situation.

I hope you are getting right advice on selection. I think you need a foreign trainer to take players to that standard.

Even winning in USA will not satisfy us Fijians because we have lost a lot.
I wish the best for the rest of the tournament Mr Ryan and I hope you will stand on our expectations.

Waiving the Union Jack

Epeli Qumivutia, Nabua

It’s the symbol recognised above all others on Fiji Day, but not everyone feels our flag is quite well Fiji enough.

We believe in a distinctive and patriotic flag enough for supporters to wave at international events without fear of being confused for a British colony.

Our flag to waive the Union Jack and exclude the cross of St George and the Lion but the rest remains the same with its banner blue.

Some have mentioned about our past with the British and its colonial conquests. It is all in history books, museums, etc.

Apparently a Fiji flag that tells the world we are Fijians and not some British branch office, still clutching to the skirts of Mother England.

A flag which confuses no one.

National identity

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

A flag of any country is its identity. It is a source of an inspiration for unity in its diversity.

How relevant a flag is for the country must be deliberated after a lapse of a period of time significant enough to reflect developments and the status of the country at that point in time.

The citizens of the country salute, give standing ovation, cheer, resemble and cherish their flag which no doubt should be relevant and true to the current status of their country.

Fiji is no exception. We are a sovereign state and we do not need to bow down to foreign countries.

Their contribution may have been great but this does not mean that we do not have our own identity.

We have a lot of artifacts to be proud of which is unique to Fiji.

There are numerous species endemic and unique to Fiji which can give us our true identity instead of adopting foreign objects.

We are independent thus indicating that we need to change our mindset in such a way that we can individually be independent within the constitutional circles of our own.

We like others do have limitations but we are able to stand alone when required to do so.

Let us, with respect, be relieved from the colonial signatures and be involved in designing something which we can really call our true identity, something which we can be proud of now and in the future.

Come October 10, may we have a flag that we truly deserve with no reservations and with general consent.

Great to have leaders who have the courage to tread where angels even fear to stand.

Let us be positive and be ready to change.

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