Letters February 14, 2015

Second-hand vehicles Aben Dean,  Suva Hundreds if not thousands of Japanese second-hand vehicles enter our shores nearly every month. Our roads are a testament to this – busy and crowded
14 Feb 2015 15:40

Second-hand vehicles

Aben Dean,  Suva

Hundreds if not thousands of Japanese second-hand vehicles enter our shores nearly every month.

Our roads are a testament to this – busy and crowded with lots of used vehicles getting registered.

The ministry concerned needs to keep a close tab on this situation as traffic in the coming months is bound to increase.

Visit any car yard and their stock is like groceries in a supermarket. Where will these cars end up?  It will only cause more traffic on our roads.

Fiji flag

Aisake Verebasaga,  Raiwai

My suggestion for a new Fiji flag is Seru Cakobau and his famous Fijian attire with the two Fijian warriors with the war clubs on Seru Cakobau side, with the blue background.

Union Jack

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

Fiji is today a republic so why do we still have the Union Jack on our flag?  We have 27 species of birds not found anywhere else in the world and not one of them appears on our flag. Yet we have a Lion.

Fiji is today a multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, yet nothing on our flag acknowledges the ethnicity or culture of almost half of our population who have played a major role in the development and progress of our nation.

If Fiji is truly for all Fijians then please let the new design of our flag reflect that and not the ancient and sometimes painful memories of our colonial past.

New flag

Ashneel Prasad, NZ

All this debate going on regarding ‘to change Fiji’s flag or not?’ Personally I love the current flag but I also would love to see the Union Jack removed from it.

Coming from a long line of Fijians of Indian descent, this ‘Union Jack’ is a constant taunt and reminder to us, of the misdemeanors and hardships that our forefathers had to bear in the long history of Fiji because of it.

I cannot forget that it is because of this same Union Jack for so long, we Fijians of Indian descent did not have a proper identity. For long we were neither Indians nor Fijians.

The Union Jack on the flag has to go for good. We have to move forward. A history based on lies and deception is one that I will never endorse.

Since arriving in Fiji, we’ve always been fighting for our rights, and always being reminded that we are just visitors in our own house. I don’t want to remember this history. I want a better future where everyone has equal rights, so that our great grand children can look back at our history with pride.

Three years back when I demanded in the Fiji’s national newspapers that the Queens head be removed from Fiji’s currency and that the ‘Union Jack’ be removed from the flag – people called me mad, senile, and an unpatriotic outsider (to put it nicely). Now that all the things I forecasted back then is coming true, it seems that I’ll have the last laugh.

New dawn

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Since the 2006 ‘Clean Up Campaign’, the interim Bainimarama Government began a movement for a truly Fijian democracy minus the corruption and racial discrimination and to move Fiji forward to a new dawn.

Our big brothers slammed economic sanctions on us but the Government had set a goal and was focused, taking steps to befriend other nations, and being wise to stay afloat and achieve its goals in difficult times.

I believe that the new dawn which began in 2006 has been formalised after the 2014 General Elections with the FijiFirst Government continuing this dream.

There is an air of freshness all around us and although times are still hard, we know in our hearts that we are headed in the right direction.

The dream for a new Fiji, a new dawn will only be complete when we have a new flag to move Fiji forward as the way the world should be.

That word

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

It’s sad such terms has been used in the most respected house in the country.  A word that is considered the lowest of insults in the iTaukei culture has now joined the ranks of parlimentary language albeit the atmosphere of distaste it was received .

Whoever uttered that word should be clear on what context he may use such word and the identity of the recipient relative to himself and that he is speaking in Parliament makes it even more offensive .

During tribal warfare days victorious army and their tribes call the defeated tribes KAISI to express their subject status and abhorrence of them.  It therefore refers to someone who originates from a place of subjugation in tribal warfare.

Earlier than that the word could have most possibly referred to the place of early origin whether from a place called SIA or LAPITA is another thing.

There could be other possible meaning more social than any meaning.  Recently it implies a power or care status which one wields over another e.g a chief over his subjects or a parent over the children, or uncle over nephew.

Care and dependence is often exercised that such dependence must pre- exist before one has authority or social justification to utter such word at the height of anger, otherwise it can be misinterpreted as mischievious and may cause conflict and unnecessary tension.

Recently it has currently been misused to describe a person whose behaviour deviates from what is expected of him usually when one is angry it is normally misused. I hope Paul Gerharty can enlighten us more on this topic more.

Ready to be dazzled

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

I am looking forward to be dazzled by our 7s warriors in this weekends narrow pitch of the Las Vegas 7s whilst sitting with my magic basin having a tight mix. Are you ready to be dazzled? If not, you better be.

Go Fiji go!

Food quality

Neelz Singh, Lami

The quality and quantity of food in Fiji seems to be getting poor while the prices are sky rocketing.

Its often said that quality comes at a price but some of our restaurants are in serious need for health inspections.

There needs to be more inspection by those in authority to check the kitchen standards and even the dishes where food is served.

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