Letters March 01, 2015

Internet porn Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori To rate Fiji amongst the top 10 countries in the world on internet pornography just based on Google Search of the word “porn” or “pornography”
01 Mar 2015 09:17
Letters March 01, 2015

Internet porn

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

To rate Fiji amongst the top 10 countries in the world on internet pornography just based on Google Search of the word “porn” or “pornography” is totally baseless and blown out of proportion.

As a former website developer for local and regional organisations, I find it totally absurd to base such an enormous assumption based on a simple search key word.

Like any other issue or topic you wish to search on a web-based search engine, there are dozens of other specific key-words one can use on a specified topic.

Many who would like to visit porn sites would use key words such as; “hardcore”, “gay sex”, ‘lesbian”, “orgy”, “fisting”, “inter-racial”, ”swingers”, “sex stories” including some really vulgar words.

These key words would link them directly to pornographic websites and website contents of their taste without wasting time on generalised key words like “porn”.

Those who would use key words like “porn” to search for internet pornography are most likely new to the field and have very limited knowledge on how porn sites work.

Some porn sites that have tens of millions of members have names that have no sexual references at all like “Easy Pic”.

In fact, it is a blessing in disguise that Fiji is rated amongst the top 10 in the world for searching the key word, “porn”. This shows how ignorant we are to field of internet pornography.

Airline profit

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Suva

It would be very interesting to hear from Dr Biman Prasad on his personal views as a professional economist on the latest announcements of our very own national carrier Fiji Airways successful year ending profit before tax of $62.5 milion and the Air Pacific Group Ltd profit before tax of $60.8 Million.

Many heads is always better than one, just a few weeks back in parliament, Biman articulated his opposition to the People’s Government appointed and respected professionals on the Fiji Airways board in the running of a vibrant and successful Fijian Made product.

This product complements our very own Fijian Made export-based tourism industry which in fact is our largest foreign exchange dollar earner and look at what has transpired.

This is an historical achievement in itself that reflects back on the professional conduct of the Fiji Airways families and a refined and reformed management system that had competitively stood the test of time.

Some years back, there were many very negative rumblings and gossips in the industry with regards to the reforms put in place by the board of directors.

These reforms were to streamline its operations and ensure its viability and integrity.

The purchase of our latest addition to the Fiji Airways fleet in the new state-of-the art Airbus A330 and its re-branding did not go down well with a lot of people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the running of our airline which saw to the phasing out of the old out dated Boeing 747’s jumbo.

In the midst of all this happenings, it should always remind us Fijians that our country is an independent sovereign nation that is capable of making its own decisions in uncharted waters.

On the same note of change, there are many Fijians who are so adamant  and opposed to the proposed doing away with our current flag, may I suggest we pack all this ‘sold resemblance of our past into one humongous Fijian Made carton box and send it back fast-freight FOB to the British Government and its Crown for safe-keeping in their museum.

A flag change is a positive move in the right direction and it is part of our Governments bigger reform plans but again it will require the political will of all those in leadership to make the change.

As usual, critics will slowly swallow their pride and will finally accept that it is about a unified independent national identity we can all proudly say; yes that is mine.

This is all in line with Fiji being declared a secular state and that you can all call yourselves Fijians under our 2013 Constitution.

Congratulations to all at our national airline Fiji Airways family, despite the negative critics you all have been subjected to, stand united, work for each other and your country, you all deserve the incentive payout.

I am personally convinced that with the appointment of your new CEO, next year you will all get paid your bonuses more than this year, it can only get better.

Australian contracts

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

An Australian contractor from Queensland told me the other day that as far as he is concerned, he wants workers who are able to work and to him age is not a barrier.

He said that last year he was desperate to get people to work in picking and packing mangoes, employing backpackers and even Fijians on visitors visas.

There are some farms where other Pacific islanders have made a mark and impact and he wants to try and put hard working Fijians in them.

One thing he noticed that retired Fijians working in the farms had a better work ethics and were more disciplined.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and pray that the MOU with Australia will be more open than the pilot scheme with New Zealand.






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