Letters To The Editor, March 10, 2015

Published photo Dr Christopher Griffin, Rakiraki Was it really necessary to publish that photo (FS March 7) of a young woman charged with infanticide? From Farisha Ahmed’s accompanying account of
10 Mar 2015 11:56
Letters To The Editor, March 10, 2015

Published photo

Dr Christopher Griffin, Rakiraki

Was it really necessary to publish that photo (FS March 7) of a young woman charged with infanticide?

From Farisha Ahmed’s accompanying account of the case so far, it is plain this woman is in need of compassion and help not further pain, degradation and punishment by way of gratuitous publicity.

I only hope the court not just establishes the correct degree of guilt but in its wisdom the full explanatory circumstances behind this crime. The fact the woman’s photo appeared on International Women’s Day should remind us, as the Women’s Crisis Centre did, that Sunday was a day on which to flag our resolve to help the unfortunate and not just pop corks for corporate winners.


Jaywalking issue

Dr Vishneel Goundar, Lautoka

I would just like to pose a simple question. What is the Land Transport Authority’s Lautoka branch doing to curb the ever increasing problem of jaywalking and illegal seven-seater vans occupying private car parking spots?

Having lived in Lautoka for a while now, I have constantly been subjected to stupid pedestrians who walk across the streets of Lautoka whenever they want, without a second thought.

I have even been sworn at by a pedestrian who crossed suddenly and made me stop abruptly in the middle of the street.

I, along with other road users of Lautoka, have had enough of the above two problems and I believe that the LTA should get up off their comfortable chairs and get some work done!


Family values

Dr Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka

Our nation, our society, our community and our village was built on family values, culture, religion, love and respect for individuals within our family unit. Our “parents, grandparents, and uncles” have been instrumental in a cohesive family unit, always striving to see that the welfare of each member is paramount and fully respected.

They are also responsible for not only the safety, nourishment, education, religious and cultural values of our family unit, but also for the strength, unity and the longevity-durability-endurance of the family structure.

On this principle is built the community on which is built the society and thus our nation.

My concern is that despite the majority of citizens being part of a very well-knit and law-abiding and respectful family unit members, the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre coordinator Shamima Ali has been using the media with impunity to paint a very negative image of the family unit males, as rapists or either potential rapists, under the guise of educating our community.

This is an unacceptable and alarming generalisation and needs to stop immediately.

Educating our community is one thing, but to use media hype to paint a very negative picture of the male member of the family unit as the “perpetrator” of all rapes, family violence, child molestation and women as the “victims” is incorrect, and is a needless, unfounded and relentless attack on the innocent family members.


Airline loan

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

It should be pleasing to the ears of every FNPF members the announcement by its CEO and MD when one reads in our local dailies the success of Fiji Airways.

This is in regards to its ability to be able to make an informed early repayment of $19 million from its initial loan of a not fully drawn out amount of $181 million.

This loan is to facilitate the purchasing of its Airbus A330-200 series that is a direct result contributing to our national airlines excellent performance in the their last financial year ending.

That is an assurance in itself that every member will now appreciate knowing that all their funds are safe, secure, and smartly invested in not only Fiji Airways but through other famous Fijian Made Brand tourism investment properties.

The board of directors of both the FNPF and Fiji Airways must be commended for a job well done despite the many inconsiderate ungrateful critics who are now beginning to appreciate and at the same reap the benefits and their rewards from your clear cut visionary professional business decisions.

A big vinaka vakalevu to our Government for the reforms put in place to protect further erosion but safeguard and guarantee success through maximum profitability on every members contributions.

Fiji Airways successful turnaround in its financial fortunes is a remarkable testimony of in the annuls of our country in what we Fijians can achieve in terms of what others perceive otherwise a story of what we can term as “success through team work” but I do hope that their board of directors can motivate their employees further by sharing the allocated profits to all with the Fiji Airways Families equally.


Land laws

Latu S. Rabuatoka, Suva

So now we have a competition to change the flag that Fiji has had for 46 years. The PM Voreqe Bainimarama states that it is time for change that the nation needs a flag that reflects the people of Fiji.

Do landowners of Fiji not think that the PM and the elected government of the day should address the issues in regards to land especially the much outdated Native Land Trust Act (Cap 134) (1)

The control of all native land shall be vested in the Board and all such land shall be administered by the Board for the benefit of the Fijian owners.

This law was created by a colonial government that gave the Native Land Trust Board (TLTB) 100 per cent of the control in regards to iTaukei land. This law which was introduced to assist and protect iTaukei landowners in 1940 would be seen as unconstitutional in relation to Indigenous land owners and their rights, worldwide.

The reason that laws exist is to create order, to administer assistance that enforce and legislate social interactions within a society between individuals, communities, businesses and government.

However, what happens when those laws that were created over 70 years ago are no longer relevant!

Laws that were created to help now hinder the very people of which it was created for.

This is not about money, this is about creating a change that enables iTaukei land owners to have a say in what actually happens with their land.

Giving land owners assistance, listening and creating changes that not only helps iTaukei people but involves them in a change that will benefit all of Fiji and all of its people.

If a flag that represents a nation is outdated by 46 years, shouldn’t a law that was created over 70 years ago also be given some attention?


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