Letters March 22, 2015

Bible and PM Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva There was a big smile on my face when I read the Prime Minister’s response to an opposition Member of Parliament who said chiefs
22 Mar 2015 10:11
Letters March 22, 2015

Bible and PM

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

There was a big smile on my face when I read the Prime Minister’s response to an opposition Member of Parliament who said chiefs are ordained by God.

The PM wanted to know where in the Bible did it mention “chiefs” because he knows that it does not mention chiefs but leadership.

Roman 13:1 instructs all to be subject to higher powers for there is no power but of God and the powers that be are ordained by God.

The iTaukei translation uses the word ‘turaga’ for “power” in the above verse which has been accepted by the iTaukei to mean that chiefs are ordained by God and in the current debate in Parliament, this justifies the restoration of the Great Council of Chiefs.

I had to laugh out loud when I read the New International Version translation of Romans 13:1, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

All Bible-believing Christians should accept that we all prayed for God to ordain a Government that is approved by heaven to lead our nation in the next four years.

The landslide victory by the FijiFirst party is the answer to prayers and Fijian democracy at its best.

Those who cast their one vote for the FijiFirst party were accepting our new Constitution, all the goodies promised including being called Fijian and the abolition of the GCC.

There are more useful matters to discuss in Parliament and to try and bring up matters which the majority of Fijians rejected in the first place is just a plain time wasting exercise by the Opposition.

From a Christian perspective, our current Government is ordained by God and I believe it is doing a damn good job of following Christ’s method in serving the people on a level playing field irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Bottom line, Bible bashers -don’t mess with the PM, he knows his Bible.

Porn issues

Allen Lockington, Nadi

There seems to be some thought in peoples’ minds that watching porn will lead to rape.  Really? Is there a data on this?

Anyway, I am an ex-customs officer and during my 28 years serving all over Fiji, censoring video tapes and DVDs was part of the job.

So, how many customs officers became rapists?

I remember sitting for an hour or two censoring movies and I’ve probably watched a couple of thousands of ‘blue movies’ over the years.

It didn’t make me a rapist. Rape is in the mind of the rapists and the corruption of moral values and principles.

Let me ask, what about the religious leaders who have been convicted for rape. Were they watching porn?

I leave you to answer that.

Silent men

Dr Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka

Your editorial on Domestic Violence against Men Should Not Be Tolerated by Rosi Doviverata (Fiji Sun 20/03/15) is an excellent piece of work in my personal opinion, and I am in total agreement with her analysis of the subject.

I agree that no one has taken much interest on this very important subject.

Men, I personally know suffer in silence, and do not report to anyone about these matters for fear of shame, loss of self esteem and ego, amongst their peers.

At the end of the day not many people will even believe them, as we have this stereotype attitude that man are never the victims but instead the perpetrators of domestic violence.

I know of men who are traumatised and beaten up by their wives, persistently and systematically over little things, giving these men even “black eyes”.

I know of a number of cases and have been told some fascinating stories.

One for example, whilst the wife is sitting on the sofa watching rugby 7s when Fiji is playing, the man is in the kitchen cooking or changing their kid’s diapers in the bedroom, and is often yelled at to fetch a cold sportsman’s beer from the fridge, for the wife!

Talk about our old stereotype men role reversal!

I have witnessed the husband being given the usual threat that she (the wife) will take the kids away to her mother’s place and live there. This scares the hell out of the loving husband. He loves to be with his kids, getting used to their lives, waking up at 3am to get the milk bottle ready or change the diaper while his wife snores loudly next to him in bed!

Apart from getting “black eyes” he is also threatened with maintenance and child support money, if he should not submit to the demands and wishes of his wife.

This becomes a reality once the wife has moved out with her children from the family home.

She does not stop at this, but even threatens to take out a restraining order, against her husband if he gets desperate towards her and the children –as he is going through a crisis which was placed on him needlessly.

This court order is for him not to approach her, or be within 100 metres of her presence anywhere.

His salary will be halved on a drop of the pin, due to child support and wife’s maintenance, as the meek and shy husband will not tell the judge anything about the violence perpetrated on him.

He will agree to whatever false facts used to justify matters by his wife, as he still harbours thoughts of reconciliation in future, which he will not want to jeopardise by bringing up issues that could be disputed by him with facts and witnesses.

He will miss sleeping in the arms of his larger than life, wife and of course he will miss cuddling and sleeping with his little ones. He is devastated and gives in to anything that the wife says in the family court.

He silently suffers from her abusive alcoholic and grog addicted wife, who will go out daily whilst he tends to the cooking, upkeep and safety of the children at home.

The above is not a myth or an exaggeration.

It may be happening on a much smaller scale to men compared to women, and only some aspects of the above scenario may apply, but we still need to come to the rescue of these silent sufferers.

Some of these stories remind me of the extremely hilarious 2007 movie called “Norbit”, acting Eddie Murphy, where we had this very tiny and timid husband, harassed almost daily and living a life of terror from his assertive wife four times the size of Norbit.

It is time that the nation had a Fiji Men’s Crisis Centre” (FMCC) including a National Men’s Council (NMC), similar to women to ensure that we have gender equality. This should be done with a matter of urgency.

The FMCC should be offering counselling, legal, medical, and practical support to men and his children, who are victims of violence, rape, mental torture and other types of abuse from women.

We cannot discriminate by continuing to forget the plight of these silent sufferers; in the manner we support our needy in society. Men need support services, sympathy, compassion and understanding just as much as women do.


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