Letters To The Editor, March 25, 2015

The X-Y-Zs Norman Yee Nadi Our prayers and best wishes to our 7s gladiators! Can’t wait to see you in action, boys. Remember, each one of you is the ‘X’
25 Mar 2015 11:40
Letters To The Editor, March 25, 2015

The X-Y-Zs

Norman Yee


Our prayers and best wishes to our 7s gladiators!

Can’t wait to see you in action, boys.

Remember, each one of you is the ‘X’ Factor, the best of the best.

But don’t forget to rely entirely on the ‘Y’ Factor – the Yalo Tabu, the Holy Spirit, to make it happen.

Finally, please, please don’t go ‘ZZZZZ’ on us during the second-half, but remain focused, otherwise our BPs will spike and we’d be on our knees doubling our prayers

Go, Fiji, Go!

Ryan’s bonus comment

Jo Turagarere, Nasinu

I am bemused by Ben Ryan’s comment about the bonus payout to the 7s players when the Fiji Rugby Union chief executive officer has said there has been a change in the way the 7s players will be paid going forward.

Is this a case of Mr Ryan conjuring up an excuse just before Hong Kong 7s kicks off in the event that the 7s team loses then he will have an excuse to justify the loss.

I wonder why this issue is brought about through the media on the eve of the team’s departure to the tournament.

The same was done for the Vegas 7s but the team won comprehensively. Hence, the issue cannot be used as an excuse by Mr Ryan to justify a loss in Hong Kong or Japan.

Mr Ryan’s job is to coach the team within available resources that FRU has to its disposal.

We do not hear the Tongan and Samoan team coaches moaning and groaning like our coach.

To be fair to our local coaches who have coached the 7s team in the past, they have had to do with much less then what Mr Ryan has to his disposal and still expected to deliver the results.

Mr Ryan is very lucky in that sense with contracted players who are paid fortnightly which brings about much needed stability and motivation in the team. Mr Ryan’s utterances in the media are a distraction in itself.

If it was a local coach, he would have been shown the door by now for making such comments in the media.

Let us objectively assess FRU’s decision to change the bonus format with contracted players receiving fortnightly salaries. If one was to look at Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ theory for motivation, the most important thing to any individual is the physiological needs i.e. everyday bread and butter issues. If this is not taken care of, then bonus payments are really not going to be a motivating factor for the players.

Therefore, I think the FRU has got it right by addressing the every needs issue of the players and their families. Off course the bonus payment can be used as a motivating factor only if the physiological needs have been adequately met.

I therefore find it unfair for both Mr Ryan and members of the public to label such criticism at FRU and the sponsors who have tried to change things for the better.

The stats don’t lie. I won’t be wrong if I stated that Mr Ryan has not done any better than other previous local coaches. We used to finish third or fourth in the ranking and our current ranking is no better.

Come on Mr Ryan, get on with the job of coaching and let the administration be handled by FRU.

Parliamentary allocations

Tukai Lagonilakea, Nadi

It is great to finally note the SODELPA Opposition party’s acceptance of their parliamentary allocations while the defiance of their National Federation Party (NFP), opposition partners leaves much to be desired although it is their prerogative.

They both are called the opposition members of our August House, but why not share the same parliamentary opposition chambers together with their collective allocations similar to their many synchronising past parliamentary walkouts on record.

I am pretty much convinced they are adult enough to work something out between themselves as that is what we many term as living next door to Alice.

That would be prudent cost cutting measures to start with as you must all be seen as birds of the same feathers flocking together which is a measure of some degree of solidarity in the eyes of those very little disappointed supporters you represent in parliament to which you have so far failed miserably to deliver them any of your pathological lies prescribed in both the SODELPA and NFP election manifestos respectively.

It is a credit to the SODELPA team in their quickly adapting to the notion that in our democratic Fijian Parliament it is the Secretary General who will call the shots when it comes to administrative matters.

I do hope the SODELPA opposition office will justify and account for their business expenses this year to justify why they deserve an increase next year.

Paving the way for the three ungrateful NFP party opposition members a free ride on the band wagon.

Mental Health

Neelz Singh, Lami

I applaud the Ministry of Health and Medical Services for considering that mental health and stability is just as important as other sickness.

Rise of suicide, depression and lack of inner confidence within oneself are impacting the society.

While there are truths too many of these theories, self-esteem could have a connection to bio-chemical factors such as depression or anxiety.

The person needs balance between home and social life.

There are many cause that impact mental of a person’s life, and some don’t like to share their problems as they might face criticism.

So encourage and support if you know a person is facing these kinds of problems.


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