George Fiji Veikoso, A Fiji Legend

George Fiji Veikoso is one of the region’s most popular and best selling artists. He was born and raised here in the Fiji Islands, referred to as George Fiji Veikoso
12 Apr 2015 10:38
George Fiji Veikoso, A Fiji Legend
George Fiji Veikoso.

George Fiji Veikoso is one of the region’s most popular and best selling artists. He was born and raised here in the Fiji Islands, referred to as George Fiji Veikoso as he has taken the name of his beloved birthplace as his middle name and wants to honour the Island nation. Also whenever somebody hears about him, they will instantly recall the word “Fiji” and always remember where he is from.

With his melodious voice and wonderful blend of music which includes a fusion of Classic Reggae, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues and jazz, this is what has set this singing sensation apart from the rest.

He is a pioneer in the Fiji and Pacific music field and is so much more than just a singer. In fact his song writing, music and singing voice have given him international fame.

His interesting style and unique music has made it hard for people in the industry to categorise this artist into a single genre of music as he makes melodies that are appreciated across a wide spectrum of society from the older and more composed to the young and the reckless, he has a sound and song for you.

Those few readers who may not be familiar with George Fiji Veikoso’s music, it is almost a certainty that you would have heard his music in a shop or on a bus in fact almost anywhere Fiji Wide.

Veikoso has produced and released many albums during his time illustrious career such as “Evolution” and “Born and Raised” to name a few.  These albums have bought him the fame and adulation that he deserves due to his unique Island style.

One of his all time and most popular songs is, of course, “Lia” which is known by almost everybody in the Pacific and can be heard being sung by young and old wherever there is a guitar handy.

A few of the songs from his album called “Gratitude” were picked up by Television Executives due to the Polynesian content of the music and played on the hit show in Hawaii called “Bay Watch Hawaii” and also on MTV’s “Real World Hawaii. The Hawaii connection is due to the fact that George Fiji Veikoso is now based on the Island of Hawaii because he has business and family commitments there, but makes regular trips to and from Fiji routinely.

I have been a fan of his music for some time now and recently I have been in contact with him. I certainly found him to be every bit the gentleman and he was even kind enough to write me a very touching message which I am most appreciative of.

Artists are known to come and go in the music industry, but Veikoso certainly has staying power when it comes to having a faithful following in the region. He has been performing for a many years now, but still endures the crowd to come and enjoy his wonderful live performances when he has a scheduled stop organised.

One of my all time favourite songs is, of course, the famous tune called “Lomai Naleca”. When I hear that song it unearths pure emotion and the real substance of what our region is about and even though it is short it certainly packs a punch when it comes to raw passion and the Pacific pride.

Finally, we don’t have many legends in our part of the world but after dominating the airways with his unique and original style of music George Fiji Veikoso is certainly up there with the best.

–  The writer is a Fiji Sun columnist.

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