Bipin Striving For New Levels Of Success In IT

Technology has always fascinated Vodafone Fiji Devices and Data Product specialist, Bipin Solanki, which was why he chose this career path. It was indeed a joyous occasion for him as
18 Apr 2015 08:25
Bipin Striving For New Levels Of Success In IT

Technology has always fascinated Vodafone Fiji Devices and Data Product specialist, Bipin Solanki, which was why he chose this career path.

It was indeed a joyous occasion for him as he recently became the first and only person to graduate with Bachelor’s Degree in Net-Centric Computing (BNC) from the University of the South Pacific.

Mr Solanki noted that USP had introduced two new streams of bachelor degree, BNC and BSE (Bachelor of Software Engineering).

“I was the only one from my year of BSc CS/IS students that changed to the new programme which is why I am the first and only graduate so far,” he said.

But the achievement did not come easy. The past few years has meant a lot of hard work for Mr Solanki and he was not going to let the time and money invested on the programme go to waste.

“It was all about managing my time wisely which meant sacrificing a lot of my leisure time,” he said.

“While most of my friends would be going out to have fun, I would be using this time to catch up on my reading and finishing up my assignments.”


Human resource development

Mr Solanki’s employer, Vodafone Fiji, said human resources remains the key to their success.

Chief executive, Pradeep Lal, said: “We recruit the best of the best and mould them into champions’ in their area of expertise.

“Vodafone prides itself with its 99 per cent of local employees with 96 per cent of our employees being university graduates from recognised educational institutions.

“More than 40 per cent of our staff successfully attained Masters degrees or equivalent as more employees take on new educational challenge.”

Mr Lal said Vodafone acknowledges the importance of skilled workforce and continuously invests in its human resources to upgrade their skills.

“This is so that they have the requisite skills and knowledge to drive continuous improvement and innovation in the business,” he said.

“We have a great team of young leaders, average age in the company being 27 years; that drive productivity, innovation and creativity in our dynamic organisation.

“We promote continuous improvements by our employees which permeates into a learning organisation which only augurs well for business that is at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

“With the drive towards innovation and business leaders we must empower and encourage our staff to be ambitious and competitive at all times.”

Sun Interview:

So what does this mean for you and your career?

Well attaining the degree was just the first step. Now I can focus on building a career in this field of study and see where it takes me. With an accredited degree, the possibilities are endless and who knows, I could be working overseas within the next few years.

What is your ultimate aim?

My ultimate aim is to migrate overseas and further my career there in my current field of work. Since the BNC degree has been accredited by the ACS (Australia Computer Society) it should give me a better chance at landing a job overseas and having Telco experience is just the icing on the cake.

Can you give some background about yourself?

Inflatable slides are normally temporary. This is normally because of location, climate and client base. We chose Fiji and more specifically Denarau Island for the great all year round weather and the big tourism industry. This provides a suitable climate and steady flow of customers all

How has business been progressing since opening in December?

I have five siblings; two sisters and three brothers. I am the second youngest of the lot. My mother passed away when I was in form 6 (17 years old). I was unable to move onto tertiary education straight after high school due to financial constraints.

I applied for many scholarships and although I had scored over 300 in my external exams for some reason I was not awarded any scholarship. So I used my skill and knowledge from my A+ certification to do odd jobs here and there to collect money for my tertiary education.

I used the money I collected to finish off my CCNA certification first and then continued working until I had had enough money to pay for my three years tuition for a degree at USP. I started my degree programme at USP in 2010 (7 years after I finished high school).

When I switched programmes in my last year at USP from BSc CS/IS to BNC, I had to do a lot more units which included three 400 level units. So for my last two years, my eldest brother Hinesh and my sister Mumta (who resides in Australia) helped me out with my tuition.

I am very grateful to my family who have been there with me giving me the strength reach the finish line after five years of hard work and perseverance.

I am very thankful to my Dad who although couldn’t put me through Uni, put a roof over my head and provided a warm meal everyday throughout the course of my tertiary education.

Finally I would like to acknowledge my wife, Ruby, who has been there for me through thick and thin and helped me pick myself up every time I was down.

Why did you decide to go in this career path?

Technology has always fascinated me. I was so into computers that I had completed CompTIA A+ certification when I was in form 6. This certification equips you with the tools to be computer technician and helpdesk support anywhere in the world.

With the new sensation which was the World Wide Web, I became even enthusiastic about the internet and how everything interconnects. Once I got my CCNA certification my career path in the networking field was never clearer.

For your employers:

I would like to thank Vodafone Fiji for allowing me the opportunity to work and continue with my education.

This has helped me achieve my dream. I work with a great team that helps me learn more.

I am among few other fellow colleagues of mine that have graduated with their Masters as well.

I am proud to be working for one of the best employers in the country.




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