No Privileged Class, Says Pm

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says there is no privileged class in the future of Fiji. Mr Bainimarama made the statement at  the passing-out parade of cadets at Ratu Navula College
23 Apr 2015 09:29
No Privileged Class, Says Pm
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama inspects the Ratu Navula College cadet passing-out parade in Nadi yesterday. Photo: Waisea Nasokia

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says there is no privileged class in the future of Fiji.

Mr Bainimarama made the statement at  the passing-out parade of cadets at Ratu Navula College in Nadi yesterday.

“The future of Fiji isn’t one of a privileged few keeping only the best for themselves and not sharing with other ordinary, common Fijians,” he said.

“The future is of every Fijian joining hands to build a more prosperous future and holding out a helping hand to their fellow citizens who need it. Whether it is because they come from a disadvantaged background, live in a more isolated place than the rest of us, are sick, living with a disability or anything else that may be holding them back,” he said.

“Our task is to reach out and bring them forward with us. One nation. One Fiji. With opportunity and justice for all.”

He said he was impressed by the standard of the parade.

“I’m inspired when I attend events like this because I know that the future of our beloved Fiji will be in good hands when my own generation passes into history and our young people assume responsibility for our nation’s destiny,” he said.

“Each of you is also part of a wonderful tradition in Fiji of service to our nation through our Cadet Corps and the RFMF. That tradition is at the centre of our national life and has seen us keep the peace in troubled parts of the world through our service to United Nations peacekeeping.

“For more than three decades, we have provided troops to the international community through the UN for its peacekeeping operations.

“As I’ve said before, these missions are the most noble any soldier can undertake – to try to prevent war.  To put ourselves between the warring factions to keep the peace. To protect vulnerable ordinary people. To keep them safe.”

He said these missions were fraught with danger. He said 45 of our peacekeepers were detained in Syria last year. But the experience had done nothing to deter us from taking part in these missions.

“Because it is Fiji’s gift to the world. To the people living in troubled places who are not as fortunate as ourselves,” he said.

“I want you all to take a moment today to remember our brave men and women serving overseas in Lebanon, Sinai, Iraq and Sudan. There are currently more than one thousand of them overseas. Serving Fiji, serving the world.

“While some of you may end up as soldiers or sailors, others will go into agriculture, commerce, the professions or take advantage of the opportunities my Government is providing to learn a trade and improve the skills base of our nation.

“But whatever you choose to do, the lessons of discipline, patriotism, duty, honour, integrity, honesty and service that you have learned as cadets will stay with you all your lives. And you will take those lessons – those core values you have learned- – and set an example to others.

“You will also pass on these values to your own children when you have them. The unique pride of being Fijian.To be a citizen of one of the best and most beautiful countries in the world – one that we are working together as one people to make even greater.”

He encouraged the students to enter the new flag competition.

“We have an email address that you can send your entries to – newfijiflag (all one word) Or you can post your entries to the Department of Information, P.O Box 2225, Government Buildings, Suva. If you happen to be in the capital, you can also drop your entry in personally to the Information Department on the ground floor of New Government Buildings,” he said.

“As I’ve said before, you don’t need anything more than a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. And you never know: Your idea might just be the one that resonates with everyone or contributes to the final design. So get your entries in and be part of this historic occasion.

“To all of you, I want to say: use these years to work as hard as you can at your studies, in the Cadet Corps and in the sporting arena to become the very best individuals you can be. But also never forget that you are part of Team Fiji.”



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