Letters To The Editor, April 25, 2015

PM stand Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu   Our Prime Minister has stood his ground and like a good leader, is not easily bought or sold, remained consistent and has called a
25 Apr 2015 09:29
Letters To The Editor, April 25, 2015

PM stand

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu


Our Prime Minister has stood his ground and like a good leader, is not easily bought or sold, remained consistent and has called a spade a spade.

Since the clean-up campaign of December 2006, right up to the 2014 General Elections, our PM has been vocal for Australia and New Zealand go out of the Forum and he has expressed his view on the reasons why.

I believe that our PM wants our big brothers out, because he does not want Fiji and other Pacific Islands Forum nations to be puppets orchestrated by Australia and New Zealand.

We will still be friends, we still need your funding but with no strings attached.


ACS issue

Losalini Tuwere, Tacirua East, Suva


I was disappointed to read your article referring to ‘lesbianism warning’ at Adi Cakobau School (FS 21.5.15). Not only has the issue been blown out of proportion, but no further comments from the Principal were obtained on the day in question to clarify the issue.

Firstly, we are dealing with students who are still the responsibility of their parents and their guardians. This is an issue that should be dealt with by the school and their parents. No third party is needed.

Now, we have students who have been publicly humiliated by the media. Please let the school principal, the teachers and the parents deal with the issue first, before opening it up for public debate.


Nadi works

Elvin Chand, Nadi


By the look of things, road works around Nadi Airport may never end. Which simply means there will be more and more of frustrated and irritated commuters.

If this is taking so much time, I wonder how much time it will take when the road works moves from the Votualevu roundabout to Wailoaloa junction.

Do we really have the best in the business making our country’s roads!

I wonder.


Boxing deal

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi


The announcement by Fijian Holding CEO Nouzab Fareed that Sky TV PPV TV will air for $40 the richest fight on earth is a shameless disregard of airwave fairness in this country.

Surprisingly, Sky TV PPV is making huge profit from sports that most people here follow. Even Australian TV is broadcasting free the Pacific Games.

They air freely on TV one the English Premier League(soccer) and Cricket World cup dominated the airwaves of TV one freely yet they put on Sky PPV local sevens(Marist), Super 14,PNC, NZ Rugby provincial championship, and now boxing.

Where is the fairness in free TV airwaves that our telecommunication commission should embrace on behalf of the people . Not everyone in this country can afford $40.


Singapore model

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi


Singapore will never have been what it is today without the collective sacrifices of its citizens who supported their late Prime Minister, Lee Kwan Yew.

He was the father of modern Singapore and presided over the transition from a British Crown colony to a First World country from 1959 to 1990.

Fiji can learn from Singapore’s success stories. Yes, we can do it the Fijian way.

Give our Government time, it will show and deliver indiscriminately as mandated to but I have noticed in comparison of our two nations our country has had far too many Prime Ministers and coups since 1970 where as compared to Singapore they have had only three PM’s since 1959 with no coup till to date.


Best health practices

Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka


In my opinion, only strong legislative actions, with severe punitive repercussions on defaulters is required, if we are to combat NCDs, in any meaningful way. Fijians have been consumers, even before the advent of money, as a “barter system” society.

Historically, consumers have been around for a very long time globally; even before the invention of the wheel, and so have been businessmen and women and commercial entities. History teaches us that a profit-margin concept drives businesses, almost exclusively.

Thus it is very hard for the businesses to honestly take care of our community, or be concerned about our health, healthy food in-take, and a lifestyle conducive to fighting NCDs.

Quite often the concept of a profitable business is not even balanced on a fulcrum, with the urge and need for the highest possible profits at any cost on one end, and consumer rights, healthy living and food costs and healthier affordability costs and options on the other end of the spectrum.

In fact, it is much more profitable for businesses to encourage our community to lead a lifestyle conducive to obesity—to eat and drink as much as possible needlessly—dine on plenty of fatty de-fried meats and sausages, with plenty of oils, fats, salt.

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