Letters To The Editor, April 30, 2015

Western win Jack Vosawale, Nasoso, Nadi Congratulations to Natabua and Jasper for their remarkable effort. A well known motivational speaker once said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” This was
30 Apr 2015 12:18
Letters To The Editor, April 30, 2015

Western win

Jack Vosawale, Nasoso, Nadi

Congratulations to Natabua and Jasper for their remarkable effort.

A well known motivational speaker once said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

This was evident in Natabua’s preparation for the 2015 Coca-Cola Games.

From the principal, school board, PTA, sponsors, teachers, coaches, old scholars and parents.

Everyone stepped up and took leadership.

It was only natural for the athletes to feed off this.

When the boys 4×100 teams started blitzing the field on Saturday, the realisation of history being created, started to settle in.

I turned and looked up at my two boys Cokes medals of Natabua’s teams (2007-2013) hanging in our sitting room and just allowed the emotions to take over.

This win was for all of them. Congratulations again to the coaches and especially Jovesa Naivalu.

Most of all, the all-conquering Natabua athletes.

Enjoy the moment because you all deserve it.

Traffic congestion

Jason Verma Wailoku

Can the LTA or FRA consider putting an officer at Princes road in front of Kundan Singh supermarket?

Also can it monitor the traffic flow every morning from 7am to 8.15am.

This is the spot where the road is bottle necked and causes traffic jams. As this spot causes jams as well as rage when motorists try to force their way into the main stream.

If this spot is widen a bit and a bus bay is made between LOA and KABA streets traffic congestions up to Lakeba street will be eradicated and we will have a two lane traffic flow.

Service tax

Ronnie Chang , Nadi

Tourism is the backbone of our vibrant economy.

All stakeholders in the tourism industry work extremely hard 24/7 x 365 days to attract lucrative, hard-earned tourist dollars from almost 650,000 visitors.

We must remind ourselves that we compete with the big boys around us.

New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hawaii, Japan etc etc accommodate millions of visitors per annum.

With this in mind, we are minnows.

Our own national airline, Fiji Airways, a boutique carrier proudly holds its own with a tiny fleet of less than 10 aircraft against “super Pacific airlines” Air NZ with their fleet size of about 90 aircraft and Qantas in excess of 250 aircraft.

These are vitally important statistics to always keep in mind.

The friendliness of our people has always been the big draw-card.

Let’s not put our unique quality in harm’s way by thinking of imposing an almost unpalatable visitors service tax when we already have 15 per cent VAT.

Our departure tax makes it somewhat restrictive to some visitors who have shared this view in confidence.

Some former Fiji residents find it burdensome to visit friends and relatives (VFR). Fiji could do with VFR traffic we are missing out on.

As a former employee in the service industry, (ie tourism), I respectfully plead with the powers that be, that such a visitors service tax will be detrimental to our ace industry that works ever-so-hard to promote our shores every minute of every day, every week of every month, every month of every year.

Fiji’s tourism industry is one that never sleeps.

She is alive, vibrant and unique. Please, do not put her in harm’s way.

We must avoid this bitter pill at all costs.

Lesbian issue

Dr Sushil K Sharma Lautoka

Lesbianism at the Adi Cakobau School (ACS) boarding was reported in a publicly held, Parents and Teachers Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the school (“Students’ Places Safe, Principal Tells Parents”, FS 21/04/15). The meeting was not a private one, nor a special one to look at some exclusive issue of concern, facing the school, in a confidential manner either.

The meeting, as such, was open to full scrutiny and questions from all parents, guardians, friends of the school and the media.

The media had the full journalistic right and freedom to report this matter, contrary to Losalini Tuwere’s opinion and wish, to keep this as a private, confidential matter (ACS Issue, FS 25/04/15)

Further, the school is government owned and funded and the boarding facilities run and managed by it. Civil servants from the Ministry of Education staff this school.

The school is fully within its right to take full disciplinary action, as it appears to have done so, in this case.

The issue is not at all to do with gender rights or victimisation of anyone due to their sexual orientation, which we all know is protected fully in Fiji in our Bill of Rights, in the 2013 Constitution.

An in-depth independent investigation is required.

This investigation should look into all aspects surrounding this issue, manner of its resolution, including the punitive actions for breaches of the boarding rule policies, not only at ACS but all government funded and administered schools.

A standardised set of rules nationally for Government boarding schools will be required, for both boys and girls boarding facilities.

Bali Nine

Ashneel Prasad Auckland, New Zealand

They’re dead. The Bali Nine execution happened. I’m speechless and so disturbed right now!

Aren’t those eight people’s life of value?

I would certainly like to see New Zealand, like Australia, recall their ambassador to Indonesia.

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