Letters To The Editor, May 01, 2015

Death penalty Peggy Thomas, Pacific Harbour Too many times the same hue and cry is heard when South East Asian nations carry out executions. The  execution of foreigners always hits the
01 May 2015 08:02
Letters To The Editor, May 01, 2015

Death penalty

Peggy Thomas, Pacific Harbour

Too many times the same hue and cry is heard when South East Asian nations carry out executions.

The  execution of foreigners always hits the headlines around the world and huge political out roar.

Do these countries like Australia, New Zealand and other high and mighty European countries  have the same sentiments when the citizens of the same Asian nations are executed almost every other day?

The Nepal earthquake seems to take backstage with more than 5000 deaths.

What gives these drug traffickers credence?

Does this mean that if you are from Australia you do not follow the rule of law when blatantly defying another country’s “Rule Of Law” that you enter.

You know that these countries will not tolerate drugs being smuggled into their sovereign land and there are ample warning signs at every point of entry stating clearly how you will be prosecuted and death is upon you if you do.

What makes you so arrogant and defiant that you dared to ignored the fatal signs of not to enter with drugs?

No matter what the world thinks of Indonesia being cruel or barbaric, I, with Asian background and coming from a country that hangs drug pushers, truly understand the total hypocrisy, interference, and the audacity of the countries whose citizens incessantly break the law of our country.

What gives you the right to watch women and children die and not help them when you allowed them to drown rather than help.You were then executioners yourselves, so what gives you the right to call the kettle black?

Perhaps, you did not like their colour?

It’s about time you high and mighty judgemental governments who harbour skeletons in your closets get off your high horse and let Indonesia do its job.

I have lived in Indonesia for many years and learned  very good lessons there.

The saying is when jumping into shark infested waters  you have to beware.

Yes, corruption is rife and so are other countries that very eagerly give out aid and then take most of it back.

They give aid and then expect you to dance and sing to their beck and call.

They think if you are not white you cannot run a country.

You will be surprised how much more we can do without your interference.

Lapdog comments

Rev Akuila Yabaki, Suva

Calling Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa “a Lapdog of Australia and NZ “ ( Fiji Sun 22.04.15) may sound childish and a lesser polite manner of speaking but it’s the same truth as in the words of the one who said, “Wherever your treasure is there your heart  and thoughts will be” (Luke 12.34).

The Samoan leader did set out why Australia and NZ are indispensible partners in the give and take of international relations, including  Pacific Island states.

The fact that Fiji is  positioned as the hub of the Pacific by providence  on the world map yields benefits to Fiji itself and is not to be taken for granted, but has  got to be managed with a sense of responsibility for other island nations.

As PM Tuilaepa rightly says Bainimarama’s area of specialty, “is to play the drum and yell left, right,stop!” which in another manner of speaking  Frank has influence to be applied all for the common good of the Pacific. But, the trade ban on Solomon Airlines flights last year is an abuse of economic power and not to be repeated.

Both Samoa and Fiji need to work together and assist the Pacific island countries into a better life.

Forum attendance

Vishwa Nandan, Lautoka

It is sad that Fiji will be again deprived of its attendance at the Pacific Islands Forum in Papua New Guinea.

To cite the reason as Australia and New Zealand, having influence in the decision-making does not seem to hold much water.

This is because of our long-established friendship with Australia and New Zealand.

I cannot imagine their having an undue influence against Fiji’s progress, either economically or politically.

Lastly, we need Australia and New Zealand no less than our valued friends like China, India, Japan and all others.


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