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Dean’s ‘Monsta’ And His Passion For Racing

Racing from the age of 19, Aben Dean, has so far won almost 40 races over the 13 years he has been racing. Of course any vehicle enthusiast would not
16 May 2015 10:29
Dean’s ‘Monsta’ And His Passion For Racing
Aben Dean with his Jeep Grand Cherokee which has a personalised registration ‘MONSTA’.

Racing from the age of 19, Aben Dean, has so far won almost 40 races over the 13 years he has been racing.

Of course any vehicle enthusiast would not be able to miss his Jeep Grand Cherokee which goes by the registration “MONSTA”.

This week in our Sun Wheels section, we get to hear about Mr Dean and his passion for vehicles and speed.

He is surely in the right profession being a vehicle dealer and owner of Deans Auto.

Below is our interview with Mr Dean.

– What’s your ride?
Currently I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee which recently registered the fastest Diesel time in the drag race.
– What’s so special about your vehicle?
It’s a very powerful diesel vehicle and of course has the class of a JEEP
– What’s the max speed you have done with your vehicle (on the track I hope)?
It hit about 140km in I think 400 metres
– What awards you have won in the races?
With this Jeep, I won the fastest Diesel award recently but with my previous race car, a Toyota MR2, I won more than 38 awards with it as I am racing from the age of 19.
– How much would you have spent on upgrading the vehicle?
About $8000 so far.
– Why so much passion for your vehicle?
I love doing up cars. I try to do up and own something which no one has done before in Fiji. I have made several eye catching cars which had DAMOMB and MONSTA number plates on. I do up my own vehicles with my dad’s help.
– Your first vehicle?
Toyota MR2
– Who taught you to drive?
My dad!
Your Dream vehicle?
Actually that keeps on changing LOL. It was MR2 for quite a long time. That’s something I loved since I was a kid but now I’d like to own something V8. I would like to thank ALLAH for letting me own most of those vehicles which I wished for!
– Prefer manual or automatic?
At this traffic rate in Suva, AUTO!
– Most memorable roadtrip?
Going west with my wife and kids – I enjoy the moments with them
– What do you always have in your vehicle?
– Favourite movie vehicle scene?
Those from Fast and Furious 1
– What do you listen to in your vehicle?
BBC channel and local news…keeps me informed
– What annoys you the most about other drivers?
Drivers making U-turns and turning without indicating
– One road code rule you would want to change?
Highway speed limit to at least 90 km per hour…that’s not too fast
– Traffic in Suva….what’s your take on it?
I think there are too many cars around and it keeps coming.
– Any other comments:
I would like to remind drivers to drive safely and for updates on local car scene visit our page Fiji Cars on Facebook! Don’t race on roads, come to the tracks.



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