Letters To The Editor, May 18, 2015

Poor attitude Simon Hazelman, Savusavu After watching the live coverage of the recent parliamentary sitting, I was not only amused but saddened with the very poor attitude of the Opposition.
18 May 2015 08:10
Letters To The Editor, May 18, 2015

Poor attitude

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

After watching the live coverage of the recent parliamentary sitting, I was not only amused but saddened with the very poor attitude of the Opposition.

So much negativity that it has now become routine practice for them to criticise almost everything that the ruling party tables regardless of how good it is for the nation.

It is every citizen’s responsibility to support development policies that ensure better living standards for everyone, and they most of all should recognise that, but instead they seem to be against everything. Their actions basically confirm they are absolutely selfish and lack political will and flexibility.

Contemptuous arguments and meaningless chatter exemplifies their behaviour.

What we are seeing is a non-vibrant Opposition that seems to be sleeping on the job and this is a real disappointment.

They ought to change from being obstructive to becoming productive and they must face the fact that they have to change their attitude.

After all we rely on them to ensure that the ruling party governs in the proper order.

Slow readers

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

It surprises me how some people rush to put pen to paper without actually reading well and understanding.

There’s a difference between doing the right thing at the right time and dragging something for the rest of the lives without self effort. Such is the case with the slow readers in the dailies open forum.

If the right efforts are not made at the primary level, higher levels cannot keep dragging time, depriving them of their main study schedules to continue teaching a student basic reading skills. Also through experience let me enlighten this writer, that some students who have successfully completed primary school from Years One to Eight, are facing difficulties with reading even minor things at high school level.

It is one thing to take the horse to the river and another to make it drink.

Yet there are some teachers who go out of their way in high schools to instil this knowledge and skills in students.

Now even while afternoon classes when remedial goes on, these students are pulled off their classes only so that they can learn these basics of reading.

To the teachers who are going the extra mile only because these students were not moulded at the right time, you deserve our appreciation.

It is never a waste of time to instil knowledge in students, but if it has to be a continuous thing then yes there is a problem.

As for the writer boldly saying that ‘’the person has not been in the education field,’’ please do not jump to conclusions based on your assumptions.

Promises to people

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Samabula

It is humbling to read the former Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Pio Tikoduadua’s, earnest plea to more than 300 ministry employees who bid him farewell at the Public Works Department Depot in Walu Bay last Friday.

“If there is something you want to give me as a send-off gift, I would ask you to continue to do the work I had promised the people,” Mr Tikoduadua pleaded. Is it possible for all parliamentarians and those in authority to check out their own promises to the people to ascertain if they are walking the talk?

Mr Tikoduadua, as part of the FijiFirst Government, has stuck to his promises and continue to work towards achieving it but ill health has forced him to resign and we all pray that his successor will achieve what’s promised.

I believe that the Opposition also made promises to the Fijian people and they are in Parliament because of their promises.

Are they seriously keeping those promises or working towards it since they entered Parliament?

Judging by the poor attendance they have received in their recent pocket meetings and the dramas in Parliament, it seems that all their promises to the people are just hot air or blanks.

Fijians are not stupid, they will not cast their one vote on one who wasted theirs with promises they did not fulfil.

Change direction now, take Mr Tikoduadua’s plea to remind oneself of your promises to the people and start working towards fulfilling them, while in power.

Biggest threat

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Why is it that countries across the globe are investing more and more funds on their military and navy capacities?

A Google search will simply reveal budgets amounting not in the millions, but billions of dollars. Let alone the nuclear capacities, which are surrounded by much secrecy.

Is there a fine line between protection and greed for power? All in all, one should be not be surprised if the human race is the biggest threat to itself.

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