Well Done, Men: Sayed-Khaiyum

Aiyaz Sayed- Khaiyum congratulated the Vodafone Fijian 7s team for winning the 2014/2015 World Rugby Sevens Series at the Holiday Inn Suva on Thursday, The Attorney-General and Minister for Finance,
23 May 2015 07:51
Well Done, Men: Sayed-Khaiyum
Vodafone Fijians 7s rep Semi Kunatani (second from left), at the Holiday Inn, Suva on Thursday. Photo: DEPTFO News

Aiyaz Sayed- Khaiyum congratulated the Vodafone Fijian 7s team for winning the 2014/2015 World Rugby Sevens Series at the Holiday Inn Suva on Thursday,

The Attorney-General and Minister for Finance, Public Service and Public Enterprise made the comment on behalf of the Fijian Government during a dinner attended by parliamentarians, Fiji Rugby Union board members and the rugby sponsors.

“I just want to acknowledge your wonderful achievement and to express the nation’s thanks for lifting our spirits,” Sayed Khaiyum said.

“How we strive to be the best in the world is an inspiration itself as we know a few years ago there were only a few teams that did well in World Rugby Seven Series. Today we have teams like USA who only a few years ago we made fun of but they are now a series contender.

“So to have beaten all of them throughout the series we have become Number One and that is an inspiration in itself.

“You have done us an enormous positioning of Fiji not just as a great 7s rugby nation but of course of a country.”

Sayed- Khaiyum also thanked the management for their hard effort.

“Each and every one of you in the team and even the management deserve gratitude for the determination you have shown not only in the field but in the long grueling preparation for the World Series.

“I am sure you felt the spirit of the Fijian people and of course we were with you in your ups down. And now you have returned as conquering heroes and wonderful role models for our young people.”

He also mentioned to the players the number of young voters that have voted in the last election which shows the young population base in the country which needs to be inspired.

“Just a point of reminder in the last election out of the 592 odd thousand of voters 200,000 of them were below the age of 30 so we have a very young population base we also need to be able to inspire them and people get inspired not just because you see an inspirational engineer, lawyer or doctor but also as professional sporting people. And that obviously we need to continue to ensure that our young people continue to find heroes amongst ourselves.

“Many people who may play other sports but when it comes to rugby 7s we all get united behind the Fiji team.

“The nation obviously held its breath on you in critical moments we of course sometimes get angry on you but in the end we always support you.

“I think one of the aspects that we see in the rugby 7s team is because of the great spirit that you have shown; even some of the games that you have lost, but everybody has been supporting you and we all need to get behind our rugby team no matter what.”

Sayed-Khaiyum acknowledged head coach Ben Ryan for helping our national team achieve their target.

“No one will ever forget watching Ben Ryan giving the boys a stern but sometimes inspirational hard time talk.

“We all need a good talking to sometimes and that intervention certainly made a difference. Ben is rightly celebrated for the inspirational ways in which he supports his team and giving them such a will to win and the skills to do so.

“It’s hard to imagine the great honour that can be bestowed on anybody but I am sure that his name like many of the rugby players here today will leave longer in Fiji after all of you have gone past the big rugby field that we all talk about.

“Ben has been an admiration of every speech of the Fijians and on behalf of the Fijian Government and of course the people of Fiji I would also like to thank him for his inspirations.

“We now go into Rio and the Olympic Games the eyes of the world will be upon you and you will carry the hopes of every Fijians to continue doing what you have already done to bring honour, glory and fame to our small but beloved nation.

“I also thank the other members of the management team. I think sometimes we probably look at the main team and coach and the players and we forget all the other support and the management team and the other specialist support that are behind helping the team to achieve their best.

“I would also like to thank the sponsors and it is wonderful to see that we got the conglomeration of Fijian companies who have come together to provide this wonderful sponsorship and to the Fiji Airways brand into your Tee shirt.

“Remember whereever you’re playing and whenever you’re playing you are the brand ambassador of Fiji,” he said



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