Letters To The Editor, May 29, 2015

Eden visit Simon Hazelman, Savusavu It was great to see the Assistant Minister of Local Government, Housing and Environment, Mrs Lorna Eden, back at her adopted home town of Savusavu.
28 May 2015 19:47
Letters To The Editor, May 29, 2015

Eden visit

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

It was great to see the Assistant Minister of Local Government, Housing and Environment, Mrs Lorna Eden, back at her adopted home town of Savusavu.

She summed up her ministerial tour by confirming that there are plans in place to set up the long-awaited sewerage treatment plant and that the project will happen soon. About time!

As a matter of fact the area has grown so much over the last 15 years that current basic utilities like water and electricity cannot sustain the growth.

As much as we welcome a new sewerage treatment plant I would suggest the authorities first fix up the water and electricity infrastructure, for we continue to experience regular water and electricity cuts that is getting worse.

Mrs Eden highlighted new investments and developments that are on the horizon and that the town would grow very quickly.

If that is true then it gives it more urgent reason for an overhaul of our electricity and water infrastructure.

After all, the success of all current and future investments depends on how prepared Savusavu is!

Currently we cannot even sustain ourselves with old insufficient infrastructure!


Big Cane Cash

Biman Prasad, Leader

National Federation Party. Suva

The comments attributed to me in your article does not include any balance by way of my response. In addition, we had sent a statement precisely on the subject of your story with facts and figures but no mention of that as well. The statement was sent to Josua Tuwere.

I am appalled at the continued disregard of basic journalistic ethics of fair play, accuracy and balance. This comes only four days after your slanderous headline of Shame-NFP over our decision to stay out of parliament. Again it was a one sided, highly opinionated story.

We regard this as skirt journalism of the worst type.


Editors note: The Attorney-General, Minister for Finance and Acting Minister for Sugar was responding to Biman Prasad’s remarks in Parliament about the sugar industry. In the past, members of the Opposition including Mr Prasad, had declined to comment on a number of issues brought to their attention by the Fiji Sun.


Leasing players

Nardeo Mishra, Suva

The National League is half way through and teams are fighting to be the top two so that they can play in the OFC tournament next year.

We are fortunate to have two teams again in the tournament from Fiji. One disadvantage our teams have is we are not allowed to have overseas players for our league games where as other countries try to get the best players from around the world.

What we do is to get overseas players during the transfer windows and that only to play for OFC matches.

The districts have to go through a lot of expenses and also the local players don’t get the chance to play at that top level soccer.

My suggestion to the districts is why not we have a player leasing agreement where the two teams who have qualified for the OFC playoffs can lease the players from other districts only to play the OFC matches and then go back to their respective districts.

This will be a win-win situation not only for the teams but also for the districts whose player’s will also get the exposure at that level of soccer.

This will also help the teams to cut down on their expenses and help the development of soccer as a whole in the country.

This is something the district officials have to think about without any selfish motives.

This can be done in the next AGM in October with a proper motion moved and seconded by districts.

Remember we will do this for the love of soccer so why not give it a go.


Sunny Leone

Ashneed Prasad, Auckland, New Zealand

I think people are making a hue and cry about Sunny Leone for all the wrong reasons.

I think its great that a mainstream Bollywood actress is coming to Fiji, and if someone is organising such an event, people should be thankful to them.

Do you have any idea how much star power Sunny commands?

And to think of how much Fiji will benefit in terms of investment, promotions and tourism if Sunny does comes to Fiji.

And what taboo? We have seen worse in English movies so why the reservation when it comes to Bollywood stars?

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