Letters To The Editor, June 01, 2015

Lapse of Judgement Dr Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka The Commissioner deserves a bodyguard to be present on all normal public and even private engagements, in the background even if in
01 Jun 2015 12:24
Letters To The Editor, June 01, 2015

Lapse of Judgement
Dr Sushil K Sharma, Lautoka
The Commissioner deserves a bodyguard to be present on all normal public and even private engagements, in the background even if in an inconspicuous manner depending on the situation.
Our Commissioner is a high-value asset and in his area of responsibility, and he can be a target of revenge or reprisal by any individual or groups of individuals for either on-going Police investigations against them, or for Police prosecuting them or for charges leading to jail terms for them or their accomplices and friends.
A person like the Commissioner can also be held as a ransom in exchange for the release of some hardcore criminals from the jail. Thus our Commissioner is a high-value asset and needs to be vigilantly protected.
Even though the scenario mentioned above has not happened in Fiji, there is always a first time.
In this day of unpredictable behaviour of criminals, who appear often to also be mentally challenged, anything is possible.
Extra caution and vigilance is required in all cases, at all times, and no-one is to assume that the future will be just like the past.
Matters that our Police handle daily are getting more and more complex and it is only logical that we as a nation be pro-active rather than reactive in all cases.
I am in full agreement with the sentiments of Kelepi Lesi (Police Security, FS 30/5/15) that the security detail of our Fiji Police Force let our Commissioner down very badly indeed by not being able to offer him adequate security.
This is a national disgrace and it’s embarrassing internationally for tourism. People will assume that matters are far worse on the ground by this unwarranted publicity.
The question I ask: If in a nation our Commissioner is not safe, and being looked after adequately by the Police security team, how are the Fiji public going to expect any help, security, vigilance, speedy response, etc, from the same Police, especially for us normal mortals, far inferior in rank and dislocated in connections and reach unlike that of the Police Commissioner himself?

Midwifery boost
Waisea Navuru, Nasinu
Just like Asenaca Delaibatiki, I am happy that the Ministry of Health will train at least 40 midwives every year for the next five years.
This has been long overdue and I salute the political will of this Government to address the shortage of skilled specialist midwives.
I am sure that these specialist midwives will improve the services in our maternity units throughout the country.
Those who have lost babies and mothers through medical mishaps know what it takes to cope with such tragedies.
We want to lower our infant mortality rates. Specialist midwives will help us to achieve this goal. Many of the baby deaths during birth are preventable if appropriate and timely care is given. Only doctors and specialist midwives can do this.
The sooner this midwifery training starts the better things would become. We need to change our attitude. Pregnancy, labour and delivery are not a sickness.
They are a normal process of life and we should be positive about them.
When a woman gets excellent advice and monitored closely during pregnancy, it reduces the risks of complications during normal birth.
The best people to give this advice other than doctors are specialist midwives.
So Veena Bhatnagar, the Assistant Minister for Health, thank you for announcing the midwifery training.
I look forward to seeing it happen.

Another Ben to the rescue
Norman Yee, Nadi
Our thanks to the Commissioner of Police, Ben Groenewald, for his visit to the West to hear first-hand our difficulties with law and order and promise of action.
His open and frank exchange of views is very heartening and brings confidence back to a doubtful public.
Him confronting our outlaws singlehanded with only a chair is the stuff of cowboy movies!
Here’s hoping that his visit will put some backbone into the local authorities to do what they had been charged to do.
Another Ben to the rescue!

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