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FOCUS: Better Scientists, Better World

FOCUS: Better Scientists, Better World
Vunimono Primary School students with Nature Fiji’s Drautabua Acmopyle (Pine tree only found in Fiji) mascot during the Environment Week opening. Photo: Ronald Kumar
June 04
08:02 2015

Life is the most precious thing for every human being. We all want to live, and live longer. For each human life to exist there are three basic needs: air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. Finances, shelter, security comes a long way after that, because without clean air no life can exist for long. Without clean water no life can be sustained, and without clean food, no body function can be performed efficiently. Therefore every human being longs and works to receive the basic human needs.

Development also promises that economic growth is the best option for a prosperous life.  A secure home, a well maintained car, better schooling, a strong medical scheme are the promises for a healthy lifestyle and long life span. Nevertheless we all have experience at one time or another that development can pollute the very air we breathe, the water that we drink and the food that we eat. So how do we strike a balance between development and protection of our natural resources?

It requires planning and commitment. Environmental Impact Assessment is a tool that is used much in the world for planning. Understanding the possible negative impacts of any development project would help us to minimize the negative impacts through appropriate technology or selection of a better site. A comprehensive monitoring plan would also enable long term protection of the natural resources.

Unfortunately human beings are lazy by nature. We are quick to reap the benefits of development, but are too slow to mitigate the negative impacts through continuous monitoring. Therefore the greatest need in the world is to produce environmental graduates who are committed and are responsible towards protection of the environment for the sake of others. Understanding that the greatest commitment one can give to society is to provide clean air, clean water and clean food, a responsible environmentalist or environmental scientist would strive to protect the natural resources while supporting economic growth. Such specialists truly heal the world.




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