Letters To The Editor, June 14, 2015

Traffic congestion   in Nadi Dorsami Naidu, Nadi We can now see the effect of political upheavals on the infrastructure of this country. We have lost two decades of progress. The
14 Jun 2015 15:05
Letters To The Editor, June 14, 2015

Traffic congestion   in Nadi

Dorsami Naidu, Nadi

We can now see the effect of political upheavals on the infrastructure of this country. We have lost two decades of progress.

The problem with our electricity and water supply is not being able to keep up with demand now that there is a huge housing demand. Yet the immediate area we feel the traffic congestion.

The number of cars per person has trebled our roads, and the Police or LTA cannot cope.

Take Nadi for example. Let’s not look at the congestion on the road construction areas, but instead the flow of traffic in and out of Nadi Town in the mornings and in the evenings.

There is no attempt at regular traffic management by either the town council, the Police or LTA.

LTA and Police love to exacerbate the situation even further with their roadblock/ driver screening at peak hours when they could be doing something better by allowing workers to get to their jobs on time in the mornings or letting them reach home to prepare dinner, or be with the family in the evenings.

These same Police and LTA officers would be better placed to direct the flow of traffic at the two crossings within Nadi Town because the lights no longer work and pedestrians cross at random.

The same applies from the Namaka Public School corridor up to Nadi Town.

Also the Nawaka junction on the Back Road is a death trap. Sometimes you do see Police at these points, but it is not regular nor is it for any length of time.

How about the Nadi Town Council, the Police or LTA hiring people to be trained as traffic wardens who could be based at these strategic places during peak times?

We seem to love to have our Police standing at strategic places whenever VIPs visit our shores for no reason whatsoeve, except probably to pick their country’s pockets.

Jokes aside, let’s get serious about solving the road congestion in Nadi and also let’s stop the injuries and deaths on our roads. All it needs is a bit of common sense and ingenuity.


Elite schools

Christopher Griffin, Rakiraki

As a matter of interest, where are we at in the story between the Minister of Education, QVS, Adi Cakobau, and such like? Happily ever-after?


Naikelimusu Bridge

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Soil erosion under the banks of this bridge is causing some panic with the villagers on the other side and motorist travelling to the other side.

Erosion possibly caused by heavy boat traffic from the outer islands, resorts and fishermen, when under the bridge it turns a 270 degrees to create demolishing currents to hit our bridge banks. The grounds are losing very fast and in future the bridge might not have supporting grounds to hold on to.

The villages that regularly use the bridge are Naimalavau, Vaturua, Matainoco, Nabouciwa, Buretu, Daku, Nasilai, Vadrai, Muanaira and Kiuva.

Despite our recent appeal it has fall on deaf ears, and I humbly request the relevant authorities to take action immediately rather than later.





Fiji flag

Wise Muavono


After much thought and discussion around the magic basin, I can safely assume that I do not like any of the Fiji flag finalists. Period.


Flag and democracy

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa


With all due respect to our FijiFirst Government leaders, I believe you need to listen to the majority voices of the Fijian people on this changing the Fiji flag issue.

The Prime Minister and the FijiFirst party won a landslide victory through the one vote of Fijians in a truly democratic election of 2014.

Today, after the people have been told that 23 new flag designs have been picked and one will be our new national flag; Fijians are not impressed, with one commenting that it must be an April fool’s day joke!

Yes, I agree that as a nation, we have entered a new dawn and a new Fiji flag is a must that is relevant in moving Fiji forward.

But the new flag must have the same meaning, respect and ‘mana’ that would inspire Fijians to give their all, even their lives for their beloved nation.

Bottom line is, if the people do not accept the new design, scrap the whole idea and let us keep moving forward with our current nation’s noble banner blue.

There are more serious issues at hand.


Price of medicine

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I bought 10 cobix 200 gram tablets last year.

I asked the price of the same tablets on Friday (12/6/2015) one chemist was selling it at $2.50 and another at $2.30.

Does this mean chemists can sell the tablets at any price?

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