Letters To The Editor, June 26, 2015

Speed humps Khalid Ahmed Suva If you are driving from Rups 9 miles than you need to be careful. This is because vehicles coming from Nausori and Suva are really
26 Jun 2015 13:41
Letters To The Editor, June 26, 2015

Speed humps

Khalid Ahmed


If you are driving from Rups 9 miles than you need to be careful.

This is because vehicles coming from Nausori and Suva are really speeding up.

I believe there should be a hump on both sides so speed of the approaching vehicle is cut.

Hope someone will take action before it gets to late.


MSG politics

Amenatave Yaconisau


Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Milner Tosaka has the unenviable task of chairing the MSG leaders summit meeting (article Nick McLellan(FS 24/6/15).

I hope there will be no mob democracy exercised in achieving consensus for West Papua given the clear division amongst members on the matter.

Application by Indonesia as associate member will only strengthen their voice in the quest for freedom in the Melanesian countries to chart their own direction especially West Papua.

But the Melanesian way of government is different with their feeling of common cultural origins which has been severely strained by big powers on trade, aid and investment.

Who else will the West Papuans look to for emancipation and decolonisation but their Melanesian brothers and its regional cooperation institution. Other regional institutions can also join in as pressure groups.


Noodle theory

Floyd Robinson


If there is one snack or processed food that has taken the Pacific by storm, it is without a doubt noodles.

There are a range of noodles types available in our stores. They are cheap and readily available. Each comes with different types of salts, flavours and ingredients.

They are produced in a range of countries but still affordable despite the long distances between overseas based factories and Pacific island nations.

People of all ages consume them in a variety of forms but somehow the consumption of raw noodles and flavours is like a favourite, driving consumers to the extent of addiction that it is difficult to refuse the temptation.

Some parents actually have to hide noodles in the cupboards as infants prefer them over healthy, balanced diets.

It’s becoming a favourite snack during recess and lunch time in schools. Even adults are consuming dry noodles over tea time and lunch time. Those who stay late are also known to have noodles in their list of favourite dinner menu. The demand and sales from noodles is a key component of retailers and storekeepers plans. Whatever one’s views, noodles has taken over meal choices in the Pacific, displacing healthy meals.

Whatever, ones views there is definitely a theory of noodles in the Pacific.

Frequent writer

Tukai Lagonilakeba


There is a frequent letter writer to this column who is not happy with the FIJIFIRST Government’s decision to remove the English Queen’s head from our Fijian dollar notes.

I suggest he go find magazines that are full of the particular Queen’s head, cut them and paste it in his own currency.

I do hope the bloke is being paid in our Fijian dollars and is benefitting from it without his favorite queens head.


The Lord’s Church

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa


My Christian brother claims that he is a member of the Lord’s Church, the one set up by Christ before denominations split it up. (Eph. 4:4, Acts 2: 47).

This is the church that consisted mostly of Jewish Christians, kept the Sabbath and was empowered by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel to all the world through the ministry of the various spiritual gifts.

We read in the New Testament that members of the Lord’s Church performed miracles, healings etc.

I don’t understand why a member of the Lord’s Church in these last days seems to distance himself from the spiritual gift of miracles and healings, but is challenging the denominational Christian churches to heal all types of sickness and diseases?

Shouldn’t he be in the forefront as a member of the Lord’s Church?

Illegal parking

Wise Muavono


If the minimum legal parking distance from a junction is 10 metres (32 feet), than a lot of drivers need to re-sit their theory test.

Lautoka City Council should engage the services of a tow truck to curb the number of illegal parking.

Paying the fine for release of vehicle would change the mentality of “park anytime anywhere.”

Also it would generate revenue for the Council.

Take heed of my suggestion, and that “vakavanua style” will be a thing of the past.

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