Letter To The Editor, June 28, 2015

Fiji flag Raveen Pillay Taunovo My choice for the Fiji flag is design 50. Take a close look good people….it has all the right ingredients for a beautiful national flag.
28 Jun 2015 10:46
Letter To The Editor, June 28, 2015

Fiji flag

Raveen Pillay


My choice for the Fiji flag is design 50. Take a close look good people….it has all the right ingredients for a beautiful national flag.

This is my interpretation of the choice:

The blue is the Pacific Ocean. The perpendicular ray resembles the International Date Line. Other rays symbolise the beginning of a new day for the world with the rising of the sun. The centre point of the sun is Fiji. The sun holds the key for the sustenance life and is held in reverence by virtually all religions. Hence Fiji, being a multiracial and multicultural society, is a beacon, a shining light and symbol of hope, peace, harmony and tolerance.

We are a gift to the world. What a beautiful country Fiji is. We are so lucky!


Flag fuss

Tukai Lagonilakeba


I have gone back four generations of mine, both from my maternal and paternal side, none of them had any clue how our current flag came to be what it is today and why they had to sing our anthem.

Their answers were all the same: “Esi noqu tagane, keimami sega sara ga ni kila, ni sa dau vakarewa cake na kuila e na dua na soqoni e sa dau lagati sara na noda sere levu ni matanitu vaka Peritania, keimami sa dau mai veimurimuri tale tu ga yani e na veitokoni.”

All they can remember was October 10, 1970, a big bang, they looked up the clear blue sky and there came flying down our current flag with its anthem.

None of them had any input nor was their opinions sought. There were no referendum, there was no texting, they had no input into its design and colour, so I guessed it was merely a draconian act and it all came in a British package when the then Prime Minister of Fiji received the instrument of Independence at Albert Park on October 10, 1970 from Prince Charles, who was representing the Queen of England.

Everyone in our beloved Fiji has had a chance for the first time to participate in this historical moment of being part of molding our new and modern Fiji contributing towards the design of our new national identity although there is a mere 5000 out of the total 900,000 Fijian population who do not agree with the change which is their democratic right.

Let us not panic. There is still a lot of time on our hands to ensure there is a new national flag that will bear true allegiance and will reflect on a modern, vibrant and prosperous Fiji for all who wants to call it their home and it will also be no difference from the acceptance of our world acclaimed Fijian 2013 Constitution in the International and world arena.

Similar to how our current flag was cunningly given to all our naive and unsuspecting forefathers in 1970 by the Pommies, it should also be given a memorial send off using the two world war useless guns on the hills of Momi Bay with a big loud ‘Bang’ back to where it originated from.

So why all this childish rhetoric fuss? Change is inevitable. That is the reality for us Fijians but it makes me wonder how many Fijians alive today have had the privilege and the fortunate experience of having an input into the design of our current flag, which those very few hold so dear, worship and idolise.

To all those who are opposed to our flag change, have you ever stopped for a moment and asked why do people buy new cars? Why do people buy new clothing? Why do I have to change my tooth brush every fortnight?


Fiji Airways

Amenatave Yaconisau


It seems that Fiji Airways in the deregulating the airline industry has been plagued with the unforeseen problems that may affect the new brand airline.

The airline industry is so competitive that any signs of flight risk may spell doom for the company. The recent problem of sick workers including the pilot should not be tolerated by any standard of airline operation. Compensating passengers is no resolve.

Fiji Airways has been operating on discounted fare in the phenomenal battle for travellers and tourist dollar. If this is any indication of slow down in the economic activity, these problems will not help at all in its effort to keep on going towards growth and improved market shares.

Anything that imperils the integrity of the airline must be avoided at all cost.

It looks like a bumpy flight and let’s hope the new CEO has the magic potion.



Timoci Gaunavinaka


Some may think that it is a good sign if SODELPA really wishes to become more multi-racial (Fiji Sun 27/6). But the voters are not idiots and will only vote for a party that is “seen” to be genuinely multi-racial over one that pretends to be.

This reminds me of the story of the Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf. You can wear a cloak to disguise yourself or change colours like a Chameleon, but you are still the same ‘Big Bad Wolf’.
Love and forgiveness

Dorsami Naidu


I thought we in Fiji had it all that is until I heard the families of the victims forgive that evil and racist murderer of Charleston.

The killing of those nine church goers in the house of the Lord is indeed very traumatic and tragic.

I was very moved by the words of love and forgiveness yet the murderer did not bat an eyelid and showed no emotion.

In this day and age of so much conflict, so much violence, so much hate, death and human suffering we are shown that love and forgiveness is the only way forward.


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