Sigatoka taxis Shrum Ali, Sigatoka In response to the letter by Salesh Chand on the 21st of June 29, 2015 regarding Sigatoka taxis open base system here are certain points
30 Jun 2015 14:04

Sigatoka taxis
Shrum Ali, Sigatoka

In response to the letter by Salesh Chand on the 21st of June 29, 2015 regarding Sigatoka taxis open base system here are certain points to consider.
Those taxi operators who wants bases to be open are from rural taxis who have come into town and presently they are operating from Lawaqa, Laselase And Valley taxi stands.
They are trying their luck to move into more lucrative areas.
The open base system will be a cause of congestion in Sigatoka Town as all taxi operators would be centralised in the town centre.
Not forgetting the chaos that is already being created in terms of congestion by the bus and taxi stand being direct opposite.
Keeping in mind the size and capacity of the town, it would be best to have all taxis operate from their given base as per the agreement by the Town Council And LTA.
Thus, this would mean sending back the new taxis to their rural bases which are empty and the general public are suffering.

New flag
Berenadeta Lutua, Lautoka
Just a suggestion. Replace the Union Jack with the image of the sun. Replace items on coat of arms;
nLion replaced by davui and 3 stars
nReplace the others with the chosen pictures below as arranged (having the structure of the old with our very own coat of arms)

Flag designs
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Samabula
Forgive me for being naive but the first impression or thought that came to my mind when I first saw the 23 proposed flag designs that were released by the Government on June 9 was Kiribati and Nauru.
I don’t know why, maybe my mind just kind of related the proposed designs to the flags of the above two islands.

Student discipline
Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka
This one topic has been hot since the evolution of globalisation.
To understand this topic, one has to go through the journey of history, come to the present and peep into the future. Behaviour has been a problem since man gained their mental status of formal education.
When there were no schools, obviously there were no students, the definition we identify with.
But there were students at home, Gurukul and other religious set-ups. Although girls and boys were kept separate, they still learned the rule of respect for the differences that exists between the two genders.
The good thing then was that no one dared to go against the teachings by the village elders who were regarded as the most educated citizens and had the authority to guide and control any person regardless of who he or she was.
The foreign curriculum was not introduced to them.
The only way of life they knew about was their own experiences of staying in their homes and villages. Though it was modest but was very rich in culture and tradition.
The present stance has depleted the very foundation of authority of the elders in the society.
As the new generation consider themselves more educated they tend to ignore the teachings of the elders in the society.
To add to this are the rights that they enjoy to the maximum without any responsibility.
Before we tackle our students we must ensure that the very destination our students go back to is right.

Village lifestyle
Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu
The respect of our village is slowlly deteriorating due to the modern way of life.
As village extend its boundaries the traditional values within these extensions seems inapplicable.
Hats and caps by the men ,shorts worn by ladies, high audio volume, shouting, disrespect of elders, etc are some the widely noticeable behaviours.
A new wave of behavior that is slowly slipping into the system and seems unnoticeable at all is the ladies wearing scarf in very heart of our lifestyle.
Very strictly, towels of any sort or length are forbidden to be worn or hung around the neck the same implication should to the very scarf itself.

Stopping corruption
Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi
Let us weed out corruption practices and undesirable work styles from our midst but we should rely on improved laws and regulations with forceful implementation of such rules.
Undesirable work styles and corruption fundamentally relies on laws and regulations which must be at the heart of the drive to eradicate.
We must make sure our civil servants dare not corrupt, cannot be corrupted and do not want to be corrupted.
Yes, it can be done as this was what the Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government prior to our September 17th 2014 elections had set out to achieve.
Corruption greatly impacts on our economy and our desire to move forward.

Ticket price
Wise Muavono, Lautoka
The Fiji – NZ Maori match ticket prices is more than the Super 15 final.
I was just can’t believe it.

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