ANALYSIS: Three Important Things From The Exporter Awards

As the 2015 Westpac Prime Minister’s Exporter of the Year Awards applications open, there are a few areas which the organisers are focussing on. First is to make the awards
06 Jul 2015 11:07
ANALYSIS: Three Important Things From The Exporter Awards
At the launch of the Exporter of the Year awards.

As the 2015 Westpac Prime Minister’s Exporter of the Year Awards applications open, there are a few areas which the organisers are focussing on.

First is to make the awards all about the winners.

Second is a new application form has been created – so there will be just one application form for no matter which category you apply under.

And third of course is an incentive for every applicant. A short video on the company will be created by Investment Fiji which will be given to the business for promotional activities etc.

And these changes of course are being carried out under the innovative leadership of the newly-appointed Investment Fiji chief executive, Godo Müller-Tuet.

Mr Müller-Tuet has obviously already set up a clearer set of guidelines and mission for not only Investment Fiji, but also the awards.

Let’s have a closer look at each of the focus mentioned earlier.


All about the winner

As Mr Müller-Tuet puts it: “Our exporters have gained confidence over the years in doing business and growing the Fijian economy, taking up all challenges that come their way.”

Therefore, it is just as important that they get the recognition they deserve for their contributions.

So this year, the priority focus would be on the winners.

A video, created by Investment Fiji on the business, will be played in the background as the awards are handed over to the winners by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. In past years, the logo on the screen was that of the sponsor of the particular category.

The sponsors will still get their share of recognition though through LED screens around the venue with their logo and video in the beginning and end.

This again creates a balance and ensures the night is all about the winner and acknowledging their contributions.


Application form

Many a times those potential winners shy away from applying in the awards simply because of the complexities of the application form.

Previously, every award category used to have a separate application. This has now been done away with.

There is just one application form for all categories. This makes things easier for the organisers as well as the applicants.

Forms can either be obtained from Investment Fiji office or their website.


Video incentive

Traditionally, it has become an inbuilt culture in many of us of not submitting something until the deadline is a day, or for some, a few hours away.

And this has been one of the challenges faced by Investment Fiji when organising the previous Prime Minister’s Exporter of the Year Awards.

Although the application drive gets launched at least four months before the actual awards, most applications are received only when the deadline is very near.

To overcome this, Investment Fiji has come up with an innovative solution – create 20-30 second videos for all applicants as soon as an application is received.

This provides an incentive for many more applicants to come on board as everyone who applies will walk away with something at the end of the awards.

These videos of course would be excellent marketing tools, especially for companies who do not usually have the budget to get promotional videos created for marketing purposes.

So this in turn becomes a win-win situation for both the organiser and the applicant.



So what we are urging is for all exporters to try their luck and apply as soon as possible.

Although there will be 12 winners on the eve of the awards, everyone who applies shall walk away with something valuable.

Mr Müller-Tuet is intent on making these awards a winner.

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