Letters To The Editor, July 07, 2015

Fiji flag Norman Yee, Nadi A letter writer has a good suggestion in retaining the Union Jack but with some changes to it by adding tapa designs. This makes sense.
07 Jul 2015 11:11
Letters To The Editor, July 07, 2015

Fiji flag

Norman Yee, Nadi

A letter writer has a good suggestion in retaining the Union Jack but with some changes to it by adding tapa designs.

This makes sense. Though I would like further amendments.

Many wanted to retain the existing flag so the keeping of the flag’s existing structure with some minor changes would be a suitable compromise. Not a revolution but a graduated change to reflect a new Fiji.

For the Union Jack, my suggestion would be to retain the red St. George cross and the white and red saltires of the St Patrick and Scotland flags but replace the blue of Scotland’s flag with tapa designs.

The shield is retained as per my earlier letter, but to replace the British lion with the Parliament Mace which was Ratu Seru Cakobau’s war club which he gifted to Queen Victoria but later returned to Fiji.

This symbol is therefore the sign of our new parliamentary democracy.

Whether the banana in the lower right portion should be replaced by an icon of a factory to denote our industrialised progress is up to the majority of those who will choose.

Keeping the dove from Ratu Seru’s flag is a reminder of that past and also our nation as a country of peace.

The meaning of the coconut tree and the sugar cane is self evident both undergoing a revival at present.

This could be a suitable a compromise to keep a flag that we are all familiar with but with updated symbols within the familiar structures.

In this way we are uniting the country rather than dividing it. God bless Fiji.

Legal challenge

Richard Naidu, Suva

You report in the Fiji Sun of 6 July 2015 that “prominent lawyers, Richard Naidu and Jon Apted, are drawing up papers” for a legal challenge by Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu in respect of his recent suspension.

You are incorrect.

You are also incorrect in reporting yesterday that I “declined to comment” when your reporter turned up at my home on Sunday morning. I made a number of comments.

The first comment was that your reporter could email or phone me – I wasn’t going to answer questions at my home gate.

Your reporter then told me that she didn’t know my email address. My second comment was that if she was a real reporter, she could find it.

An emailed question would have produced an on the record question and an on the record answer in plenty of time for publication.

I am sure the Fiji Sun aspires to accuracy in its reporting.

An email exchange would have put the Fiji Sun’s question, and my answer, on the record and beyond doubt.

I did not receive an email. I must therefore assume your reporter couldn’t find my email address.

A Google search will produce it in 0.30 seconds.

Perhaps your reporter might qualify as the least resourceful journalist in the history of journalism?

Editor’s note: The Fiji Sun actually reported that “According to sources two prominent lawyers”etc. Our reporter also says Mr Naidu was hostile rather than helpful, perhaps because of his links to our competition.


Time wasters

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

NFP’s Biman Prasad and his team with the SODELPA Opposition members are the biggest wasters of taxpayers monies in their many unproductive Parliamentary boycotts and unwarranted walk abouts contrary to his outburst that the FIJIFIRST Government is fooling Fijians.

You lot are being paid by the taxpayers of this country to do the right thing by them. Get real man, come the 2018 election you will subjected to some rude real awakening and who really is fooling who here Biman.

Look at our neighbour New Zealand, they have just spent a whopping more than FD$30 million for a referendum to their national flag change, Fiji cannot afford that but our Prime Minister had other ideas in using the monies to be spent on making better the ordinary Fijians’ lives that your team in Opposition purport’s to represent in Parliament but you have all failed miserably to do the right thing by them.

Voreqe’s decision to extend the flag competition is in itself a recognition of the majority of Fijians desire, democratic rights and is a referendum in itself but lest Biman forgets, I will remind him that our PM’s personal tally alone in the 2014 17th September result was way above the total votes of NFP and SODELPA put together.

That is probably too much for Biman to stomach because in reality those numbers given to our PM by the Fijian People is a reflection of their trust, belief, mandate which in itself is a National Referendum to protect and to do whatever deems right by Government in the national interest.

Perhaps when the Economic’s Professor, should he get elected and forms the next government to become our next PM, Biman will want to certainly unwisely throw away our hard earned tax payers’ monies in a national referendum to change the flag.


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