Letters to the Editor, 07 July, 2015

Education reforms Ram Deo, Seaqaqa I would like to share my views as a parent regarding Ministry of Education reforms and the new strategies implemented to improve the education system
08 Jul 2015 13:16
Letters to the Editor, 07 July, 2015

Education reforms

Ram Deo, Seaqaqa

I would like to share my views as a parent regarding Ministry of Education reforms and the new strategies implemented to improve the education system in the country.

There are policies and issues which are currently going through reforms. Why this bold step taken?

From my very own experience, it seems that the entire education system was “nose-diving” in the past few years, Dr Mahendra Reddy has come to the rescue of our ‘budding young minds’. They will be the leaders of tomorrow.

He has done a lot, for example, implementating standard and external exams which are the most powerful tools to assess our children because wherever they will go for further studies there will be exams to be done.

The class based assessment was serving no purpose but extra burden by the poor parents. Internet usage in towns or cities makes our children vulnerable to truancy and social issues such as teenage pregnancy, glue sniffing, drugs, smoking cigarette, alcohol and so on.

Moreover, removal of scaling is greatly welcomed by majority of the population because we have to know the true picture of the child’s standards.

For example the society does not want a child becoming a doctor with high scaled marks in secondary school and later on does not know what injection to prescribe to a patient who is fighting for life.

The Government’s incentive in the establishment of technical centres is commendable. No Government has dobe it.

In conclusion, I urge every citizen of this country to appreciate and welcome the great reforms for the betterment of our nation.

Finally, I salute the education minister and his team for their great mind and tireless effort in doing such vital reforms.

May the Almighty shower his blessings upon the Bainimarama Government and the people of this beloved nation. We have listened


We have listened

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Samabula

Thank you Honourable Prime Minister for listening to the people of Fiji.

Your words of wisdom pasted below touches the heart, giving us Fijians the confidence that you mean well for the nation in moving it forward to a new dawn.

“Later in a statement, Mr Bainimarama said he believed the mood for change was strong and the challenge was to find a design that speaks to everyone.

“And that is what we will achieve in the coming weeks and months. To hone in on a flag design that we can all hoist with pride. That speaks to everyone. That embodies our nation and its values.”

He said feedback teams had embarked on visiting communities which had given them the result which showed the Fijian people had agreed to the proposed change.

“We also estimate that Fijians viewed the 23 existing designs more than 70-thousand times on the national flag website. That’s actual participation in the process.

“Broadly speaking, what the Fijian people are saying is this: Yes, we agree on the need for a new national symbol.

But show us a design we like. Give us more choices. Give us more time to consider them. And that is what they are going to get.

“I passionately believe that we need a national flag with symbols that represent the Fijian spirit today and into the future. That speaks to us all as Fijians, not as a people once ruled by the British.”

He said true leadership was having the courage to stand up and see the future.

“And the future I see is of a modern nation state with a national flag that represents the present and future, not the past.“

As I announced last week, we now have until the end of the year? December 31st? to complete this process.

So the Fijian people have the time to fully consider new alternatives.”“We have listened.”


Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

It seems someone is influencing the final decision to issue VISA in this country. It is a mere show of political power if the Immigration Department is advised by someone to tell Professor Brij Lal on the face for the umteenth time that he has been refused entry to Fiji.

It seems that someone somewhere is influencing the final decision to give Brij Lal the visa. Obviously the Immigration Department and the relevant minister toe the line to a higher power.

Does this mean that major decisions at ministerial level can be overuled by few hands higher up.

But it’s good to know   whose power was crucial to this decision, and obviously it’s not dispersed to ministerial level or departmental level.

No one questions our political masters’ right to rule in this regard but they need to sanction according the individual rights under section 5 of the constitution and grant people their right freedom of movement under the constitution to reside here.


Laybuy it 5squares

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