Girl 9, Victim Of Sex Attack

Fearful Nakasi residents are in lockdown mode after a nine-year-old girl was allegedly grabbed and raped by two men while walking home from school. The girl is a Year Four
09 Jul 2015 10:43
Girl 9, Victim Of Sex Attack
Irene Prasad points to the spot where the girl was allegedly raped in Nakasi. (Inset: Jagdish Prasad (left), and Kamlesh Prasad at their home in Nakasi last night.)

Fearful Nakasi residents are in lockdown mode after a nine-year-old girl was allegedly grabbed and raped by two men while walking home from school.

The girl is a Year Four student of Bhawani Dayal Memorial Primary School in Nakasi, near Nausori.

She is in serious condition in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWM) in Suva.

A Police team of 30 officers combed the area between Nakasi and Nausori looking for two men who allegedly committed the crime Tuesday afternoon.

Farmer Jagdish Prasad, 41, said in Hindi: I was sitting on the porch of my house when I saw two men walking on the road. Ten minutes later, I saw the victim walking home from school on the same road on Tuesday afternoon.

“Things must have happened so quickly.

“On my way to tend to my cattle, I saw two men running away from the bush not far from my house.

“I didn’t know then that they were the men who did this.

“I know their faces and I have been helping the Police to identify suspects,” Mr Prasad said.

“We are scared that the men might attack us because I and my brother know what they look like. We are helping the Police to give this little girl justice,” he said.

“Everyone is living in fear and today the Police van dropped children to their homes after school.”

Meanwhile, his brother, taxi driver Kamlesh Prasad, 34, said in Hindi: “The men asked me for the lift but since I was in a rush I ignored them, I also saw the girl walking towards her home after school.”

Middle-aged resident of Nakasi, Navin Kumar, speaking in Hindi, said: “I have been living in this area all my life. I was born and raised here. This is the first time that this heinous crime has happened.

“The residents are shocked and they are scared to go out. The children are scared to go to school,” he said.

Neighbours of the victim’s family said the mother, who was alone at home, saw her daughter from a distance walking home at 3.15pm.

She then went to the kitchen to prepare some food. One her way back from the kitchen, she could not see the girl.

She was worried when her daughter failed to arrive home at the usual time of 3.30pm.

She went to investigate and walked on the road. She saw her crawling, in pain and covered in blood. According to neighbours the girl’s face was puffed up from severe beating, her body badly bruised and she was crying. Her mother embraced her and screamed for help. The victim was rushed to hospital where she remained critical last night

Police confirmed last night that the girl was allegedly raped and brutalised.
The farmer who saw them run away might have disturbed them and saved the girl. Items found at the crime scene included a tablet phone, the victim’s school bag, paraquat (a poison) and building tools like spanner and hammer.

Many residents were too scared to talk. Those who spoke did so on the condition of anonymity.

One resident said: “We have all locked up, scared to go out as long the culprits are still on the run. The young families are protecting their little ones and making sure they get security when they go to school.”




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