Letters to the Editor, July 09, 2015

Fiji Pine Success Pramesh Sharma, Suva I have been sceptical about some of the appointments of individuals to boards and chairmanship of statutory bodies. I am pleasantly surprised with the
09 Jul 2015 11:34
Letters to the Editor, July 09, 2015

Fiji Pine Success

Pramesh Sharma, Suva

I have been sceptical about some of the appointments of individuals to boards and chairmanship of statutory bodies. I am pleasantly surprised with the Fiji Pine Group under the current chairman and board.

The Fiji Pine Group has been plagued with inefficiencies, landowner issues and generally a lethargic approach towards finding new markets. The current board has made the various changes, which would have been painful to some, but seems to have got a long term sustainable plan.

It is also encouraging that the real recipients of the benefits of the profitability of the Group, the landowners, are receiving an equitable and much deserved return.

One simple approach that is a good take home point to all businesses is that not to be reliant on one customer for your products!

Fiji Pine has now multiple customers and are able to attract better global prices.

In the past we had a total marketing team with one customer, Japan! How naïve could that be.

Fiji Pine is setting the pace and in reality is in the similar business as Fiji Sugar Corporation.

The only difference is that Fiji Pine has forced out the “handout” mentality and has got the foresters and workers to work harder for a tangible reward scheme but Fiji Sugar continues to rely on the “hand-out” mentality and force the inefficiencies.

There is an opportunity to “copy” the Fiji Pine model in FSC.

Fiji Pine has a long way to go to bring out about sustainable forest development but it seems that it is on the right course. It is probably timely that the Government appoints a substantial CEO at Fiji Pine and let the executive chairman continue developing the strategic progress through his responsibilities as the substantial chairman.

This board and chair needs to develop a sound succession planning model if they intend to leave a long term legacy. It seems they are on top of it.

Congratulations Faiz and Team!

4FJ Campign

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Namaka, Nadi

It is only fitting, a new and robust modern vibrant prosperous Fiji for all, a new world acclaimed inclusive Fijian 2013 Constitution, a new Fijian national identity, a new Fijian Flag, a modern visionary leadership and a FijiFirst government 4FJ.

What role does the opposition play in all of the above, nothing but aimless with their many parliamentary boycotts and walkabouts.


Pacific Games

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The government and people of Papua New Guinea have every reason to be proud after a grand opening ceremony to the 2015 Pacific Games.

The items performed reflected diversity of culture, colour and creativity perhaps not seen before at any previous Pacific Games.

The fireworks displays were exceptional, leaving one in awe. To make things even better, the Papua New Guinea men’s basketball team defied all odds to defeat a much fancied Fiji side.

In the weightlifting, the Toua sisters are making a name for themselves and their country after bagging gold medals.

One looks forward to more entertaining events at the Pacific Games and more importantly, a closing ceremony that will exceed expectations.


Wake Up Fiji!

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Samabula

July has been marked in the Ministry of Health’s calendar as the non-communicable disease month. Dr Isimeli Tukana, the national adviser on non-communicable diseases has revealed that 80 per cent of everyone admitted to hospital dies as a result of NCDs and those affected usually suffer from heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, and amputations. Sadly, we Fijians seems to be sleeping with a don’t care attitude, allowing our own unhealthy lifestyle, something we control ourselves to be Fiji’s number one killer in our beloved nation.

We all need to wake up and take stock of our lives and in this context, our health.

Are we eating plant based foods to nourish the cells of our bodies with its required nutrients?

Are we drinking enough water to keep our system hydrated? Are we exercising or taking brisk walks and taking deep breaths of fresh air to fill our lungs?

Are we working under the sun and having adequate rest and sleep?

Are we being temperate in all things we do and trusting in the Creator, who wants us to choose life and live a vibrant healthy one?

Wake up Fiji, seek divine help to change your unhealthy lifestyle, follow the above simple health laws and feel the difference!


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