Letters To The Editor, July 13, 2015

Brutal attack Sam Gounder, New Zealand Very sad to read the article on the nine-year-old child in Nakasi! Makes it hard to believe how a person can do this sort
13 Jul 2015 12:42
Letters To The Editor, July 13, 2015

Brutal attack

Sam Gounder, New Zealand

Very sad to read the article on the nine-year-old child in Nakasi!

Makes it hard to believe how a person can do this sort of thing. The girl and the family need a lot of support to move on.



Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

One can only wonder what our Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, and our Leader of the Opposition, Ro Teimumu Kepa, were joking about when they were caught in a rare shot that was posted in the Fiji Sun recently!

It definitely looks like a humorous punch line from Ro Teimumu as we see the Prime Minister trying to stop her in laughter!

It certainly is great to see and I hope we see more of it, and that it eventually equates towards working closely for the betterment of all!

Would love to know Madam Ro Teimumu’s punch line though!


Salary review

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The outbursts from Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry regarding the review of our parliamentarians’ salaries is uncalled for, specifically in their consistent referral to the rejected and obsolete 1997 Constitution that plays no role in our current Fijians daily affairs of Government.

The review has the support of both the Government and Opposition who are all rightfully the mandated representatives of the Fijian people in our Parliament.

The appointment of the five-member committee selected from both sides of the house to oversee the review process is an excellent idea. In itself is transparent and accountable in line with the provisions provided to in our world acclaimed 2013 Constitution.

It makes me wonder whose views they represent.

Our parliamentarians are mandated by the Fijian people to do what they feel is right under our 2013 Constitution, but I do sincerely hope and wish that the Opposition members will come out openly and support the Government side in their desire to move the country forward and that in this instance their support was not just a matter of convenience but genuine.

Qarase is ungrateful in that it was through the SODELPA Opposition members’ persistent perseverance in Parliament that resulted in our Government’s decision to afford him his hefty pay cheque entitlements of more than $500k, but is now conveniently criticising the very same people.

They (Qarase, Chaudhry) must learn to accept the validity of our 2013 Constitution.


Valid points

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Both Laisenia Qarase and Mahendra Chaudhry made valid points in their comments regarding the move to review parliamentarians’ salaries.

Mr Qarase said the move by the Government to review salaries of parliamentarians while a large portion of the populace lived in poverty warranted a response as: “The Prime Minister’s salary has increased by almost 400 per cent while ordinary workers’ wages have only gone up a couple of cents and that is not right.”

Mr Chaudhry pointed out: “Under Section 83 of the 1997 Constitution, the committee was to comprise a chairperson and two other members one of whom must be a qualified and experienced actuary or accountant. Any person whose salary was to be reviewed by the commission was not entitled to be appointed a member.”

The minimum wage has increased to $2.32 an hour and Fijians are being vocal in that it is not enough to live on, because of our current high cost of living.

The appointment of a five-member committee, all parliamentarians, to review their own salaries will never decide on reducing it but to increase their salaries.

With all due respect, the timing for such a move is just not right and seems to convey a message that those we voted to lead our nation forward into a new dawn are putting their pockets and interests first.

I am not suggesting a freeze on the salary review but to maintain the party name in putting the Fijian people first.

Make those on the bottom rung of the pay scale happy and they will all have a big Fijian smile on their faces with both thumbs up and blessing on the parliamentarian salary review.


Our Leaders Condemn Sex Attack:

Habida Abdul

A woman who could not even give a word of sympathy is totally a shame on females of this country. So stone-hearted SODELPA leader didn’t read the paper regarding this rape incident. What a leader. Lucky she did not win the PMs chair.


Nitin Singh

Being a puplic figure the leader of the opposition party should be very mindful of the comments she makes. A real shame..she’s only making a fool off herself and those who voted her in Parliament..God bless the little child and her family and may they find peace of mind to help their little angel get back on her feet…


Fariq Khan

I am sure our Prime Minister of Fiji is taking this seriously and deploy as many under covers and police to arrest these criminals or I should say they were about to commit murder if they were not disturbed. The items found near the victim indicates their alleged intention to silence her. The society has to wake up and work together and be vigilant. This is a wake up call for every family. Catch these suspects and punish them accordingly.

For the victim and her families, we all can feel your pain and hope your courage will bring the two suspects to court and saving more children from these crimes.

May Allah bless you and give give u more courage. Amen.





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