Letters To The Editor, July 16, 2015

Safe society Agnes Kin, Suva How can we make the world a better place for our children? A place where child abuse both physical, sexual, verbal and emotional does not
16 Jul 2015 09:48
Letters To The Editor, July 16, 2015

Safe society

Agnes Kin, Suva

How can we make the world a better place for our children?

A place where child abuse both physical, sexual, verbal and emotional does not exist. Where sexual assaults are not inflicted on little girls and boys.

Every time I read the newspapers, watch the news and even go on social media sites there are cases of innocent children being abused. Brutally abused.

How can such inhumane acts be perpetrated, how can people live with themselves and not feel guilty about the pain and suffering in which they are inflicting on others.

It breaks my heart every time I think of these acts, it is not right to take away a child’s childhood. It is not right to cut short a child’s development or cause fear in children.

Our homes, our communities are supposed to act as a safety net for our children, where they can grow and develop to become the best they can be, but this safety net is now flawed with monsters who seek to prey on children’s innocence and vulnerability.

Something must be done if we are to ensure the safety of our children.

As a parent I feel that it is paramount that our children live in a society which is safe and free from such acts and such monsters.

The question remains: “How are we going to ensure our children’s safety?


U-23 qualification

Asif Ali, Lautoka

A very big congratulation to the Fiji U-23 team for reaching the Rio Olympics for the very first time.

It’s a great achievement and indeed a history-making event.

But let’s be realistic, while the credit is given where it is due, but it was handed to Fiji in a plate due to some administrative blunder by New Zealand U-23 soccer officials.

It was there for the taking just like in the U20 qualifiers because let’s face it, had NZ been in the final, they surely would have started as downright favourites.

The president of Fiji Football goes on to say that this has been due to the ground works done on development work on age groups.

And if that is not the case then I challenge Fiji Football to have a friendly with the NZ All Whites U-23 soccer team and have all at stake to see whether they deserve to be in the Olympics.

In saying this, I wish the Fiji U-23 team all the best to the first match in the Olympics.


Talkback shows

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

It’s utterly unpleasant  to hear the hype  on talkback show conducted in the  iTaukei language (bilo balu) on Monday (13/7/15) night  discussing freely  the penalty that should be meted out to rapists in view of the Nakasi rape.

Is this the freedom of expression  enshrined in the Constitution?  It seems to be inciting others.

Obviously, people are more determined  to end this cycle.

Some even suggested the penalty of castration  or death penalty for the perpertrators. Women pressure groups are also showing concern.

It’s time we reform our rape penalties  and respond to peoples wishes  accordingly before people take law into own hands.

These are the tasks of the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP), Minister for Women and the justice system under the law of this country and should be done now.

If such open discussion continues, lynch mobs and local vigilantes may be formed which is a poor reflection, on our criminal justice system’s ability to bring perpertrators to account.


Town relocation

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

With the new Nausori market and bus station due to open very shortly are there any thoughts of moving the town central business district to be beside the two mentioned developments?

With open land and residential area on the other side would it be better to relocate them and move the town central to that area.

With the new hospital just metres away it would be ideal in locating the town central towards that area.

For town central, I mean having the banks, pharmacies,supermarkets, hardware shops, bakeries, butchers, bookstores,  entertainment outlets, eateries, clothing outlets, phone outlets, liquor stores, medical practitioners, general barristers and solicitor, post office and other outlets all close to each other and to be located beside the new market and bus station.

This would be a ‘one stop shop’ for everyone especially the unfortunates ones.

What would the existing market and bus station be converted into?


Taxpayers’ funds

Daniel Urai, Lautoka

It is time that the Government started using taxpayers funds with greater transparency.

All Government, statutory bodies and Government-related organisations should  advertise in the two newspapers.

It’s the readers constitutional right  to choose the newspaper of their choice.


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