Letters To the Editor, July 18, 2015

Eid Mubarak Dewan Chand, Suva I have just seen Salman Khan’s Hindi movie” Bajrangi Bhaijan” with English sub-titles and am deeply touched by the message of peace and love contained
18 Jul 2015 14:30
Letters To the Editor, July 18, 2015

Eid Mubarak

Dewan Chand, Suva

I have just seen Salman Khan’s Hindi movie” Bajrangi Bhaijan” with English sub-titles and am deeply touched by the message of peace and love contained therein. In my view this film is a great Eid gift to humanity.

The powerful potrayal of the role of Bajrangi by Salman Khan is par excellence. But the real hero of this movie is the child actor called Munni who plays the role of a dumb Pakistani girl who gets lost on her way to New Delhi in search of spiritual treatment.

She is found by Bajrangi (Salman) who shows compassion, care and love towards this dumb lost child. Takes her home and a strong bond of love, understanding and affinity develops between the two.

The simlicity of Bajrangi and milk of human kindness in his eyes for the dumb Pakistani girl will melt any heart and tears will flow.

A must see for families, particularly school children.

To all our Muslim brotherts and sisters I wish Eid Mubarak!


Disgusting cases

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

The assault on the nine-year-old girl from Nakasi is a tip of the iceberg on the kind of society we have created.

A few years ago, there was a similar case on a much younger girl at Annesley Primary School at Toorak.

Some years back, there was a case in Lau of a father doing the same thing to his own biological daughter and he offered boys from his village who witnessed one of his rape sessions to join raping his daughter if they promised to keep their mouths shut.

There are dozens of such disgusting cases that have happened around the country including some gang-rapes that are not reported to Police or where the victims choose not to testify.

I do not believe that any of such events occurred just out of the blue or was done by a person who was a freak of nature.

These are remnants of a society we have all played a hand in creating.

My suggestion is for the Ministry of Education to have their Curriculum Development Unit design a compulsory subject on “Manners and Discipline”at various levels where students can be tested both theoretically and practically, and are monitored and given marks on their performances. They can even get a psychologist to assist.

In this generation of our youths without the belts and cane, I believe that such a subject can do wonders in their development and proper guidance and help us together build a better and proud Fiji of tomorrow.


Lord’s Prayer

Lawrence Narayan, Suva


Recently I was listening to an English radio broadcast on a local Christian channel, after the sermon the preacher prayed a long and monotonous prayer (Jesus hates long repeated prayers – Matthew 6:7).

He kept praying for the Lord’s Prayer and for God’s Kingdom to come on earth. The Lord’s Prayer and the Kingdom of God is not for Christians of this age but for Jews who crucified their Messiah.

They are the ones waiting for the Kingdom not Christians because we are not the subject of a king but the “Virgin Bride of Christ, we are co-heirs with our husband. He is not our King and we are not His subject in that sense and the Bible is very clear on this.

Nowhere in the Bible are Christians instructed to pray the Lords’ Prayer, we seem to be doing this for years yet as the time nears for Jesus return and the instructions given to us for daily Bible studies, we should be moving with the times not lagging behind as was the case hundreds of years ago. What is known now in this generation was not known hundreds of years before.

Our generation is in a better position to read, learn and understand what has transpired before us in Biblical history and what is in store for us in future by the sure of Word of God. The Bible is a progressive revelation to us and it gets clearer as the days come nearer for Jesus second coming.


Salary review

Agni Deo Singh, General secretary, Fiji Teachers Union

The members of Parliament have decided to have their salaries reviewed within nine months of being in office. The lowest basic salary at present is $50,000 per annum minus the perks.

Teachers’ starting salaries were reduced about 50 per cent to $12,000 per annum by the Ministry of Education at the beginning of 2015.

This is most demoralising and demotivating for persons wanting to take teaching as their profession.

Can the Prime Minister direct that the civil servants job evaluation report of 2003 be retrieved (it must be collecting dust somewhere in PSC), revised and implemented for the teachers as well?

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