Letters To The Editor, July 20, 2015

Naikelimusu Bridge Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu This might not be the way to voice a concern regarding issues that affect our daily lives. However, I would like to repeatedly send another
20 Jul 2015 11:50
Letters To The Editor, July 20, 2015

Naikelimusu Bridge

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

This might not be the way to voice a concern regarding issues that affect our daily lives.

However, I would like to repeatedly send another request to the relevant authorities through this column. The bridge is losing it banks and the thousands of people living on the other side will be affected if it is not looked at very urgently.

This bridge is located in Nakelo, Tailevu, just past the popular Ram Singh store.

The villages on the other side are Naimalavau, Vaturua, Matainoco, Naisogoivau, Buretu, Nabouciwa, Daku, Nasilai, Vadrai, Muanaira and Kiuva.

We hope our request will be met accordingly.


Bus fumes

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Samabula

Sitting in a bus at the Bus Stand where buses parked in the next bus bays have their engines running is a choking affair and a health hazard.

This issue has been highlighted many times before but one can walk in any Bus Stand – Suva being the main culprit at any time of the day and you will see buses parked with their engines on.

Above the bus bay is the sign: Turn off the engine while parked.

Slap these arrogant drivers with on the spot fines and we will all breathe easy at the Bus Stand.


Cooking oil

Nardeo Mishra, Valelevu

Back in 1960s and 70s we used to see sunflower trees in most of the flower gardens in our country but slowly they have disappeared.

We import millions of dollars of cooking oil every year.

I can’t understand why we can’t do commercial plantation of sunflower trees so that we can have our own cooking oil, which will be much better and cheaper than imported soya sean oils.

With the sugar industry going down and this could be an alternative crop that our farmers can plant so that they get better income.

Can the government of the day look into this and with the help of the agriculture department we can start a very lucrative business in our country.



Allen Lockington, Nadi

I just want to say a big thank you to the debutants who represented Fiji in the Pacific Games.

I overheard some people say that they shouldn’t have gone because they didn’t win anything.

All great athletes had to start from somewhere, no one just appears and becomes sprint champ, or a champion swimmer, or a marathon runner. All this comes with training and great sacrifice.

To all the critics, tone down, or train and join the Fiji team.

If you can’t, then zip it.


OPINION: Prasad’s ‘Skirt Journalism’ Sexist And Defamatory

Justin Pal

Really Biman? Stooping this low now. Fiji Sun and the journalist need to sue him. Wonder what Shamima Ali has to say about this?


Parmesh Singh

Biman Prasad needs to issue a public apology. Did he even know what the term meant when throwing it in like that?


Mini Tosh

How about you all grow up.


Rinal Chand

You guys should learn a or two from other media companies. Fiji Sun you should address there names with respect, Dr Prasad is a honourable MP and well more educated and intelligent then anyone in Fiji Sun. enjoy as much as govt handouts as you can, all these things comes to an end one day or another.


Aarti Romana

Honourable? Really? Get real Chand. Prasad needs to grow a thicker skin. Narsey too. While at it, how about checking what skirt journalism means and if he really did mean what he said, he needs to provide proof.




Girl 9, Victim Of Sex Attack

Irene Evans

Death sentence is better.. If not they go in for about 25years n out again.. And do the same thing to someone it might be worse.. Will the government send them in again… My prayers a on the girls family… U will suffer now but the good lord will so bless your whole family.. Stay strong n keep fighting for justice.!!!


Bal Krishna

Good on u education department for looking after the girl.thanks to the ministers also.


Sabha Defends Grant Usage

Niki Singh

Finally!! After a proper investigation facts would come up.

Vijay Kumar

Government grants should be strictly utilised for the purpose it is meant. We should never deprive the schools and the relevant students. Good on the MOE for looking at the loopholes and streamlining things.


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