‘The House Of Death’

The only double-storey house on Kaloa St, Kinoya, near Suva, yesterday earned a new name – the House of Death. Neighbours coined the description after a man and his two
26 Jul 2015 11:33
‘The House Of Death’
Police forensics team carry out their investigations into the alleged murder–suicide of two children and their father in Kinoya yesterday. Insert: Johit Prasad (right), with wife Karishma Lal and bottom Tanvi Prasad and Jeralle Ishav.

The only double-storey house on Kaloa St, Kinoya, near Suva, yesterday earned a new name – the House of Death.

Neighbours coined the description after a man and his two children were found dead and his wife seriously injured in what appeared to be a murder-suicide tragedy. The homicide shattered the peace and quiet of this small close-knit community.

Residents are still coming to terms with the tragedy. Dead are Rentokil Initial Fiji national sales manager Johit Prasad, 34, and his children, Tanvi Prasad, 5, and Jeralle Ishav, 3. Mr Prasad, 34, allegedly knifed his wife Karishma Lal, 30, hanged Tanvi and Jeralle Ishav before hanging himself at home.

Mr Prasad and the children died at the scene while Ms Lal is fighting for her life at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, in Suva. Ms Lal also works for Rentokil as finance manager.

She is currently doing her Masters Degree in Accounting and Economics at the University of the South Pacific.

When the Fiji Sun team arrived at the crime scene, the Police forensics team was doing its investigation. Ms Lal’s first cousin Keshni Lal said it was a tragic moment for the family.

“I don’t know what could have gone wrong in such a happy family,” the 32-year-old taxi driver said. “I just met the whole family in the city on Thursday at MHCC and they were looking happy as ever and today, this has happened.”

She said it was unfortunate as the family recently started building their two-storey home in the area.

“The first part of the house was completed and they were building the upper level where my brother-in-law allegedly hung the kids and himself,” she said.

“They were deciding to migrate overseas but since my cousin was doing her Master’s degree, the family decided to stay in the country.”

She said her cousin was struggling to survive when she arrived at the scene and saw her being rushed to the hospital. She said she saw a cut across her forehead and on her side. “I am going to visit her and I just pray that she survives this trauma.”

Neighbour Grace Nayacalevu said while she was returning from the shop, she saw Mr Prasad with the two kids climbing up the stairs to the upper level.

“A little while later as I reached my home, I looked across and saw Mr Prasad with a rope around his neck hanging from the ceiling,” she said.

“It was a terrifying scene.” Building foreman Dalip Singh said the incident was unbelievable. “We were good friends with the family and we used to visit the them,” he said.

“We are shocked to see such a loss as I have never imagined something like this could happen to a family which was so happy with one another and the kids were so small to go through such horrifying death.”

Meanwhile, Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri confirmed the deaths and Ms Lal being in a critical condition.

“At this point in time we cannot comment much as the investigation is in its initial stages and we are still trying to determine the cause of the incident.”


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