Bulitavu To Ro Teimumu: Clean House First

SODELPA MP Mosese Bulitavu says the Opposition Office must clean up its own house first before “we can even suggest to Government that they are dictatorial.” In an email to
16 Aug 2015 13:11
Bulitavu To Ro Teimumu: Clean House First
Mosese Bulitavu and Aseri Radrodro.

SODELPA MP Mosese Bulitavu says the Opposition Office must clean up its own house first before “we can even suggest to Government that they are dictatorial.”

In an email to Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa, Mr Bulitavu said he disagreed with her statement in a media report that the Opposition operated democratically and allowed members to express themselves.

“It is obvious some people are under some kind of illusion,” he said.

He said Ro Teimumu’s statement indicated that the party leadership in Opposition was in desperate need of some hard truths.

He said her statement “is a laugh.”

His remarks come after another major statement by fellow SODELPA MP Aseri Radrodro. Mr Radrodro told Naitasiri people in Vunidawa on Friday not to be misled by people trying to cause instability, follow the law and recognise developments Government had brought to the province.

He told them to use them wisely. He thanked the Government for the free tuition, free textbooks and other assistance and encouraged the people to use them profitably to promote education. The crowd gave him a standing ovation. He was chief guest at the Naitasiri High School’s bazzar and  7s rugby tournament.

Mr Bulitavu and Mr Radrodro represent a new  movement to purge the party of its old approach to politics that is no longer relevant to modern realities.

Mr Bulitavu said in his email that he noted with amusement the media statements by Ro Teimumu.

“She has claimed that the Opposition Office operates in a democratic manner. I had to actually smile when I read that because to me it is obvious some people are under some kind of illusion,” he said.

“Let’s deal with this in a democratic manner and voice our opinions here.

“From the moment I sent out my emails calling for an investigation, neither the Opposition Leader nor Ratu Isoa as Whip has made any attempt to call for a Caucas meeting of all members! Instead we hear that certain MP’s only were called into a meeting on Thursday and this included Ratu Isoa of course, Ratu Sela Nanovo and a few other non MPs like Tomasi Vakatora.

“Kevaka eda tukuna tiko ni da lotu ka liutaka tiko nai lakolako oqo ena dina kei na savasava, ia na cava soti tou taqayataka kina e dua na veivaqaqai me raica na ripote koya sa tu qo ena email nei Gaunavinaka Qoka e sega ni nodatou personal party account me rawa ni tou tukuna kina me sa da veivosoti ka toso ki liu

“Qo nai lavo ni lewenivanua ka solia mai na Matanitu ena veivakabauti ni tou na mai vakayagataka ena gaunisala e savasava me baleta na veiqaravi e dodonu me keitou qarava na Mata ena loma ni Palemedi.

“Sa dua na ka na levu ni veivakalolomataki e caka tu.  So ga na MPs era travel tiko So vei keimami sa tu ga! So sa lako qo vakavica! Eso e se bera sara ga ni lako. Sa dua na lako sa mai tu qo i loma o Laufitu Malani ka sa tomani Salote Radrodro qori i Adelaide Sa dua na vakaloloma levu ni so era yali sara tu ga ni bera na veidigidigi sa ra mai dagese vinaka tu qo i loma. Na valenivolavola mada ga sa vaka e sega ni neitou na MP’s. Dou raica mada na levu ni office dou solia tu vei keitou.Sa ra vakavalenivolavola na staff, dua wale ga na neitou. Ya na democracy dou tukuna tiko. O cei o ira na staff qo?  O cei e digitaki ratou mai? Levu ga na gauna keitou sa vola tu ga na neitou cakacaka na MP’s.”

Translation:(If we say we are religious and we lead this campaign based on truth and integrity why are we afraid to hold an inquiry into this report in an email from Gaunavinaka). It should be irrelevant who this person is.

The issues contained within especially the bank statements should be the subject of concern because it is taxpayers’ money! This is not our personal party account which allows us to say let’s forgive one another and move forward). This is public fund given by the Government in good faith that it would be used appropriately to help Members of Parliament fulfill their responsibilities).

“Democracy is practised! As it is. There is lot of hypocrisy. Only some MPs travel) for trainings etc? Who decides who goes on overseas training?Some have gone a few times, some of us never go, and some have not travelled at all. (Laufitu Malani has joined Salote Radrodro in Adelaide).

Some who were not there before the election are now relaxed inside. It appears the office does not belong to us MPs. Look at the size of the office you allocated for us. Staff have offices but we only have one.

Is that democracy you are talking about? Who are these staff?

Who chose them? Most of the time we (MPs) write our own stuff)

“Let’s clean the house before we can even suggest to Government that they are dictatorial.

“ Claiming the last eight years and that some of us are finding the democracy hard is a joke.

“I ask the Opposition leader and those implicated in the report to step down because the liability of the breaches that have been committed will be faced by the innocent trustees who own the party legally. – Nomuni Tokani Sa rarawa Dina, (Disappointed colleague)

Questions sent to the Opposition office yesterday had not been answered when this edition went to press.



Mr Radrodro told the Naitasiri people to work hard, develop the land and make use of Government’s development initiatives.

He encouraged the people to work with the Government as development partners and respect the law. Even though he was with SODELPA he had worked for Government for many years.

He said if they had grievances they could express them in the proper forums in dialogue.

He apologised on behalf of the party for its weaknesses and if it failed to meet their expectations.




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