Letters To The Editor, August 19, 2015

SODELPA unsuited Simon Hazelman, Savusavu The party has finally revealed itself as unsuited for national leadership as they lack the capacity to even govern themselves. A party has succumbed to
19 Aug 2015 09:34
Letters To The Editor, August 19, 2015

SODELPA unsuited

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

The party has finally revealed itself as unsuited for national leadership as they lack the capacity to even govern themselves.

A party has succumbed to disarray from within. Totally unsuited to be part of a developing nation.


Hibiscus venue

Dewan Chand, Suva

The Vodafone Hibiscus Festival has been dubbed as the “Mother of festivals “ in Fiji. It attracts eager participants from all corners of Fiji. Therefore, the expectations are very high and people want to get the best of every thing during the festival.

Rainfall, heavy or just light showers is a foregone conclusion for this festival and people are prepared to brave it come what may. Therefore in my view the choice of this year’s festival venue at the Carpenters foreshore reclaimed area was a big mistake on the part of the organisers. They should have been able to visualise the bog and muck which the thousands of people would have been able to create.

Poor planning and inadequate water and toilet facilities was abig debacle. So much so that the access road to the venue was not gravelled. Thus making walk to the venue a horrible experience.

In my opinion, Suva Grammar School grounds or any of the school grounds within easy reach would have been much better option than the foreshore.

The people who have stalls or ferris wheels have protested loudly regarding the venue and facilities provided. You cannot really blame them as they have coffed up huge charges for the use of the venue.

This year’s bad experience at the festival is certainly a lesson for the organisers. Please do not forget this festival also attracts tourists as well. So we cannot afford to mess around with it.


The snake of 1987

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

The sedition charges currently faced by villagers from the Ra and Nadroga areas may be directed at the grassroot scapegoats while those actually responsible may be sitting comfortably in Parliament.

The lies and rumours spread before and even now after the election may have played a huge role in making these ill-informed iTaukei people feel threatened leading to their actions they now stand trial for.

Government must take decisive action in getting to the bottom of this and ensure that all elements promoting disturbances, fear and mayhem in our beloved Fiji is dealt with swiftly and vigorously whether they are members of parliament or not.

Since 1987, many people have lost their lives, properties and our economy brought to its knees by the violence brought by the feeling of animosity fuelled and fanned by such lies and rumours.

This is not a new road. We have been through this road before and have witnessed where it ended.

Some prominent members of our own GCC played a part in collapsing our National Bank while they pretentiously act noble.

Never in the history of our nation have we performed so well economically as we do today and the future can only get brighter.

Those who try to disrupt this path are not an only enemy of the state. They are enemies of our children and their children in years to come. They are enemies of every right thinking people in our beautiful islands.

This snake of 1987 and 2000 is now slowly trying to crawl back again spewing lethal venom. It is time we cut off its head once and for all.


Tikoitoga’s critic’s

Tuks Lagonilakeba, Namaka

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s first official visit to China a few months back, and to be received personally by the Chinese President and Premier is a sign of how this 40 years of friendship is being held with high  regard by both the leaders of one of world’s most powerful economy.

The full guard of honour accorded to our PM at the Tianman Square by the might of the Chinese Government Military is a show of respect to our countries economic role as a hub in the South Pacific region.

Iowane Naivalurua our Fijian ambassador to China is perfectly carrying out a marvellous job, our immediate former Military Commander Mosese Tikoitoga who is destined as our next Ambassador to the great South African Continent is very highly qualified and is capable of fitting into the diplomatic role.

He was chosen on merit after having applied. T

o those critics, do the right thing first, please apply if you can meet the credentials, it’s all about the best suitable candidate for the task at hand, a winning combination from government, one who is willing to serve and deliver for the benefit of our country.






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