ANALYSIS: Bulitavu Is Educated, Connected

Mosese Drecala Bulitavu, Labasa lawyer and SODELPA MP, is independent in his opinion. He is not scared to cross the line of conformity. He is well educated and well connected.
22 Aug 2015 08:44
ANALYSIS: Bulitavu Is Educated, Connected
SODELPA's Ro Teimumu Kepa andMosese Drecala Bulitavu.

Mosese Drecala Bulitavu, Labasa lawyer and SODELPA MP, is independent in his opinion. He is not scared to cross the line of conformity. He is well educated and well connected.

He is also a man not afraid to fight for what he believes in..

It explains his unwavering position against Opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa in the SODELPA row over a controversial  confidential report. The report is critical of her leadership and the governance of the Opposition Office. He backs the report’s recommendation that Ro Teimumu should step down.

For Mr Bulitavu, 32, joining politics has been “my childhood dream.”

“I am naturally wired to think politically, strategically and I consider myself as a maverick,” he says.

He is a former soldier in the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in the infantry unit.He has a legal consultancy office in Labasa. He was a legal officer at the Legal Aid Commission.

He was also  managing director of the Labasa Tikina Development Corporation Limited since 2008. He is company secretary of the Namako Mataqali Development Limited of Dogotuki, Macuata

He worked as a researcher in indigenous issues and economic development through land innovation.  His goal: “To transform people into leaders and to leaders as agents of change through law and policy-making. This will provide a framework for people’s needs and dreams to come true.”

He was educated at Labasa College and qualified with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management and Economics, at the University of the South Pacific before going onto qualify with a Bachelor of Law (LLB). He is currently pursuing a Masters in Good Governance.

He is also a professionally trained and qualified soldier with the RFMF, with regimental number 31348.

In sports he played rugby, soccer and cricket. But he loves cricket.

Mr Bulitavu is married to Rasalatagane Malani, also a lawyer and they have four children.

She is the daughter of the Turaga na Gonesau of Nabukadra, Nakorotubu, Ra – Ratu Veretariki Dradra Malani and Adi Kelera Tarogatuvu Uluiqalau of yavusa Vuanirewa, Lakeba, lau. Adi Kelera Tarogatuvu is also the great granddaughter of Ratu Golea, a signatory of the Deed of Cession, 1874.

His mother-in-law, Adi Kelera, and Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu (SODELPA president) are cousins.

Ratu Dradra (Mr Bulitavu’s father-in-law) comes from the elder lineage of the Vunivalu kei Bau as a direct descendant of Nailatikau Nabuinivuaka, the first to be installed as Vunivalu.

Nailatikau had two sons Raivalita and Nadurucoko. From Raivalita came the gonesau and Nadurucoko begat Banuve, Banuve begat Tanoa Visawaqa the father of Ratu Cakobau (styled Tui Viti).

Mr Bulitavu’s village: Malake, yavusa Dawato, Vanua o Sovatabua under the chiefly dome of the Turaga na Kovana, na Vunivalu kei Natewa. Mr Bulitavu’s grandfather is the turaga na Tui Dawato. In the tribal war era, he was the hatchet man of the Vunivalu kei Natewa and the ambassador of the Vunivalu on the Saqani side of the Natewa Bay.

All chiefs who show allegiance to the Vunivalu kei Natewa like the Tui Dokanaisuva from Udu, Tui Nadogo (Saqani) and Tui Vanualevu from Vuniwai (Saqani) go through the Tui Dawato to the Vunivalu kei Natewa. The Tui Dawato is installed by the Vunivalu kei Natewa and through the Tui Dawato, the rest of the chiefs who come under the independent Natewa vanua are installed and receive orders from the Vunivalu kei Natewa through the Tui Dawato.

The Vunivalu kei Natewa and the Tui Dawato’s ancestors came from Verata, Ucunivanua and settled at Natewa bay. (This is well documented at the iTaukei Lands Commission).

Mr Bulitavu’s mother’s village: Nasekula, Labasa. She comes from the chiefly clan of Wasavulu Nagaceu who are the direct overlord of the Vanua o’Qoibau.

The chiefly household of Wasavulu Nagaceu’s title is called “Raturagalevu”and they install the Tui Labasa. Wasavulu Nagaceu is the katuba vakavanua (traditional door) of the vanua o Caumatalevu and the Vanua o Labasa. My mother’s great grandmother, Adi Selai Wativekoso  from Wasavulu Nagaceu was married to Ratu Isikeli Katiatia Katonivere, the Tui Macuata and both households, Wasavulu Nagaceu and the Taukei Bolatagane at the Yavusa Caumatalevu, mataqali ko Vuya in Naduri decided in consultation with the vanua o’ Qoibau who is to be Tui Labasa. (This is well documented in the evidence book G.V. Maxwell- Macuata and evidence book Ratu Sukuana – Macuata at the iTaukei lands commission)

The chiefly household of Wasavulu Nagaceu are direct descendants of Rovia who travelled to Labasa through the canoe Nubunikavula from Verata posted by the Ratu to head the Yavusa Ratu outpost in Labasa.

Rovia is the younger brother of Naboutuiloma, the komai Natavasara, Kavula, Nakorotubu, Ra. Rovia and Nabotuiloma are the first cousin of the Ratu Mai Verata. The elder lineage from Manalagi remained at Naisanokonoko, Verata, and have survived the title of the Ratu Mai Verata till today.

Nabotuiloma and Rovia’s uncle Ralulu was the father of Rokevu who was the father of Ratu Ratavo, the first Tui Cakau. Turaga Bale Na Tui Cakau, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu is the direct descendant of this line through Ratu Golea’s son Ratu Lalabalavu.

“My mother in law, Adi Kelera Tarogatuvu Malani is a vasu vakarua of Ratu Golea’s line through the chiefly house hold of Qaraisoki, holder of the title “Mai Nakorovou” survived by Ratu Jekesoni Yavala today.” (This information is confirmed in the evidence book-Ratu Sukuna-Cakaudrove at the Veitarogivanua hearing at Nasavusavu, on the statement on oath by Vilikesa Vatuwaliwali)

So from both Mr Bulitavu’s father and mother’s side Yavusa Ratu, Verata blood runs in him. He is a descendant of Rokomautu, the elder brother of Ro Melasiga or Roko Ratu the father of Roko Rawalai who settled in Burebasaga, who is indeed the direct ancestor of the Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu.



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