Letters to the Editor, August 22, 2015

SODELPA future Abendra Ram Tahal, San Francisco, USA The SODELPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa has brought the party’s unity into jeopardy.  Ro Teimumu leadership roles has not only damaged the
22 Aug 2015 11:43
Letters to the Editor, August 22, 2015

SODELPA future

Abendra Ram Tahal,

San Francisco, USA

The SODELPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa has brought the party’s unity into jeopardy.  Ro Teimumu leadership roles has not only damaged the trust among the members but more so to its supporters.

The leader, Ro Teimumu has many a times ignored the SODELPA members and its supporters’ views and opinions and forced her own way like making appointments of much crucial post where she should have consulted the caucus and its supporters.

She appointed NFP member, Mr. Biman Prasad to the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee ignoring the many very excellent and prominent members in her own party. RO Teimumu also appointed Mick Beddoes to the administrative chair with consulting to SODELPA caucus.

Ro Teimumu’s dictatorship leadership role has driven away lot of supporters from the party.

The outspoken MP, Mosese Bulitavu along with other concerned members are just practicing they democratic rights to question the leader, Ro Teimumu for the best interest of the party.

It would be in the best interest of the party’s survival from collapsing and crumbling, the SODELPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa should resign immediately for a fair and just investigation process by its board and any delay or failure to do so will result in the same way Mr.  Mahendra Chaudhry destroyed the Fiji Labour Party.


Medicinal marijuana?

Ashneel J Prasad, Auckland, New Zealand

It has been proven that medical cannabis (marijuana) is a great help in the field of medical science. And if this is so, I ask the relevant authorities as to why not start a marijuana farm in Fiji?

I know it is a very risky thought but if done under close supervision, then surely Fiji can benefit. Fiji soil and climate is perfect for this, so why not give it a try?

Just think the amount of money Fiji will earn by exporting marijuana for the right purpose.

Medicine prices will decrease, more employment, increase in GDP, thus all of this leading to a better economy and society. I mean, even USA has legalised the plantation and use of medical cannabis in some of its states.

And now before going on attacking me on what I’m writing about and how I have lost my mind, think about it with a calm head – it will make sense.


Bullying in schools

Dewan Chand, Suva

Reference is made to two articles in your very popular news paper:first on Tuesday 18 August (page 16) titled: “ Bullies Beware: Reddy Warns” and second on Wednesday 19th August (page 36) titled; “Ugly face of bullying a scourge in our schools” by Maika Bolatiki. Both these headlines are gross generalisations and blown out of proportions in my view.

I had been a secondary school teacher for thirty years  and have taught in an urban secondary school, a government secondary school, rural secondary school and a provincial secondary school. I had the privilege to be the principal of three of these schools over a period of twenty three years.

Therefore, I can safely say that I have a fair understanding of a growing teen- agers psychology.

Both the above articles have painted a pretty bleak picture of our school system. I respectfully wish to disagree with both the assertions. There are always two scenarios; an idealistic one where we expect all children to conform to the school expectations and be role models.

The other is a realistic situation at the ground level in view of the fact that students come from different backgrounds and upbringing. Therefore, there are bound to be defferences in behaviour patterns.

Children from violent families can sometime behave in violent manner. However, throwing them out of boarding or school system is not the answer.

Ministry of Education’s zero tolerance policy is intended well but i am afraid it is an impractical one in my view. Teachers and school counsellors can only do so much. Working parents have very little quality time for their children. Most of the time they are left in the care of nannys or house girls. The rest you can imagine for your self.

Government through its yellow ribbon programme is trying to reform criminal offenders. During the Vodfafone Hibiscus Festival I visited the Yellow Ribbon tent and had chat with some people there.

I was pleasantly surprised what skills the prisoners have learnt. Children are our greatest resource and here some people are busy throwing offending children from schools.

Strong leadership in school system, trained counsellors, parent-teacher associations and religious organisations should pool their resources to tackle bullying problem, if any .

Finally, teachers need to be shown respect and not insulted, humiliated or bullied in presence of students.


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