Let’s Review Tumblr!

Tumblr is quite simple and very addictive. A week ago I attended the 2015 CPA Australia-Fiji Branch congress and a hot top was technology awareness. I spoke to a few
29 Aug 2015 08:16
Let’s Review Tumblr!
Tumblr. can be quite addictive, says writer Rachael Nath.

Tumblr is quite simple and very addictive. A week ago I attended the 2015 CPA Australia-Fiji Branch congress and a hot top was technology awareness.

I spoke to a few of the international presenters and they mentioned their addiction to social media applications.

This was quite interesting to see how these experts integrated social media apps with their business.

So the common apps mentioned were, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress.

However, to my surprise a few mentioned Tumblr. It would be interesting to see how these experts use Tumblr to promote their businesses.

Tumblr is a blogging website, where you can upload anything and everything. This includes texts, photos, quotes, links, music and videos.

This app is considered a cross between social media apps (Facebook and Twitter) and a blog!

It is often described as ‘microblog’ as people usually post short snippets of text and quick snaps as opposed to longer diary style entries found in more traditional blogs.

The app of course needs internet to power.


Quick Research

Tumblr has a total of 250 million active users and growing. It has founded by David Karp and is owned by Yahoo! Inc.

Yahoo! announced its intention to acquire Tumblr on May 20, 2013, for approximately US$1.1 billion. The deal closed on June 20, 2013.

As of August 1, 2015, Tumblr hosts over 248 million blogs. Tumblr is available on both Android iOS and other smartphone OS. Happy downloading and Blogging!



You can post anything

Amazing for visual blogs and posts with minimal text

It is great for first time bloggers

It’s Free!



There are limited designs and themes for a little more experienced bloggers.

You need linking profiles for lengthy text

Need a username and password and unique domain names



If you like to read or indulge into pictures and video you can do it all in one place through Tumblr! Personally I would say the Tumblr is a great way to tell a story or a journey through pictures.

Its free to that’s a plus. Quite honestly, the app is great you can blog anything from anywhere. Tumblr can be used both on desktop and smartphones.

However, the interface could do with some improvements. Especially if you are a first timer blogger.

Apart from the little hiccups which you learn to endure over time this app is a great way to address an issues or promote a business or to just de-stress and have some fun.

So get onto Google Playstore or Apple store and start downloading! Happy Blogging!


Getting Started

It a very simple set up – all you need to have is an email account and a creative domain in mind! Simple as that.

Alright so what is a domain – well, it will be what other users will type while searching for your account.

So something like:

Once you have signed up, you will need to verify your account which can be done through email or mobile number and that completely depends on you.

Well, after all that – you’re on! What’s next?


Follow trends

Tumblr makes no sense if you are not following people – it’s quite straight up about it when you sign up.

When you get onto Facebook you need friends. The same way you need to follow others.

You can search people through the domain name which is mentioned above you are also given a quick guide when you sign up.

You can search and follow people and other can find. The best way to do that is when your sign up link you Tumblr to your other social media apps!


Posting and blogging

Alright so this is a handful! When uploading to Tumblr everything is categorised. Simply means all you have to do this decide where you would like your post to be uploaded.

There are seven options: You can write a text blog, upload a photo, share a quote, post a link, start a conversation, or post a video.

On a smartphone, there is a button in the bottom centre that brings up the different types of posts.  These options are represented on the screen by icons which allow quick post.

Once you have successfully posted to the blog you can then view your post on the home page (feed) or your domain (profile).


Reblogging, Likes and Sharing

Reblogging: Again you can reblog and like anything of the other users you follow.

Reblogging is on the bottom right of a post – it is in the middle and looks like this ..

Once you reblog a post, it will appear to your domain telling a story!

Likes: This is right next to the reblog bottom on the post. You can like pictures and the concept will apply as reblogging.

Share: You must try to share you images to your other social media platforms. This helps other users to get onto your Tumblr profile.



One of the challenges when getting onto Tumblr is navigation. It generally takes a while.

So here is a short description on how to get around the app. As mentioned earlier, the posting option is all packaged and is on the bottom right of the app.

Above the post botton is another button where you can check your profile (domain). Under your profile section, you can track your previous posts and content you had liked in the past.

Also, it contains the setting components, so you can fix or rearrange setting for the app here.

Finally, the button in the lower right shows you the latest activity on your posts.

Here you’ll see whether people have liked your posts or reblogged them, and you can see your newest followers.


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