The Art Of Managing Time Effectively

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He spearheads SPANDAN CONSULTING and mainly focusses upon Training and Human Resource Development through ‘Specifically Designed Seminars and Conferences. He
29 Aug 2015 09:22
The Art Of Managing Time Effectively

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He spearheads SPANDAN CONSULTING and mainly focusses upon Training and Human Resource Development through ‘Specifically Designed Seminars and Conferences. He can be contacted via email:


Time and ‘Tide’ waits for none!!! And this is the reality of our purposeful existence.

As we swim through the oceans and rivers of life namely the Professional and Personal oceans of life; the role of managing our time becomes extremely relevant and critical.

Look at any process or activity in your life that you are leading or executing.

You will realise that each one of these activities or tasks will always be structured in conjunction to time or rather the aspect of Time ‘MANAGEMENT’.

Each and every activity will be bound by the boundaries of time.

In fact, that, which seems unbound by time may begin to float around and float away like the directionless balloon that knows it is floating but is unsure.

At times unaware about where it is heading and at what time will it arrive or reach its destination.

Time and by which we mean every second, every minute and every hour of those ‘24’ Hours of the Day is the pre-defined ‘space’ that each one of us receives to execute our various tasks with the ultimate aim of achieving the ‘Desired’ targets or results.


For a corporate leader

Management of time is one of the most fundamental pillars of Corporate Functioning amongst the other various functions of a Corporate Leader.

Thus, imagine a situation where a leader is unable manage his or her time effectively.

What could be the repercussions of this?

For starters, mismanagement of time can lead to a situation of ‘Polite-Chaos’ within the leader’s mind and this chaos-ridden mind could easily reflect through, as ‘confused- instructions or actions’

For example, there are umpteen instances of meetings or even conferences where the leader interacts with the team without any clear and specific agenda.

This thereby leads to the lack of clarity, lack of direction which further could lead the rise of stress and frustration in the minds of the team.

Hence, leaders must respect the role of Time Management and its relevance in achievingindividual as well as team objectives and finally the organisational goals.


The principles

So how can we awaken the principles of Effective Time Management?

It is actually not that difficult or complicated!!! Just follow the simple, relevant and yet powerful steps stated in the diagram.

What is clearly visible from the above flow-chart is a well-structured set of steps, which if followed assiduously, can and will surely help us rise towards high peaks of Successful Time Management.


Step 1

The first step, that of ‘CLARIFICATION of TASKS’ is also the most important one.

It is a sure and an obvious assumption that each one of us, on a daily basis, has many things to do or things to get done.

The problem occurs when we are not able to bring clarity regarding exactly what those tasks are.

The subtle confusion in our mind about these tasks or things is what leads to the beginning of the mismanagement of time.

There are those who do not practice the most basic yet fundamental activity of ‘writing’  of tasks and it is to them especially that I say that the tasks must literally be written down to avoid things like forgetfulness and confusion.

What is best is to be able to write down or note down on a piece of paper, in our personal diary or even into your business phone, all the various tasks that we intend to execute through the entire day.

This process of writing or noting rather than just mentally remembering is most vital to the successful implementation of even the other critically important steps of Time management.


Next step

If Clarification of Tasks is the first step, then what comes after that is logically the next most pertinent step towards effective time management.

And this one is the process of Prioritisation.  But what is prioritization as a concept?

It is the simple and yet significant activity of assigning Importance to your tasks at three levels; namely Most Important (MI); Less Important (LI) & Least Important (‘Lea’ I).

It is this process of assigning importance to your various tasks that educates you towards deciding as to what to execute first, then the second and so on so forth.

Prioritisation also helps in effectively refining the artful activity of Delegation.


Remaining steps

The subject of Time management being like an ocean by itself in terms of the varied aspects that we can learn means that we will need to address its other critical aspects in oursubsequent columns.

We will understand the other important steps in the process of Effective Time Management especially with a specific focus upon the Activity of Time- Estimation, Power of Delegation& Feedback-Follow-ups.

Next week we will also explore the importance of identifying Internal and External Barriers and dealing with them towards reaching the shores of Successful Time Management.



Like a river it fluently flows

Through days and nights it never slows very second, a difference it makes

 As it moves, with it the entire existence it takes

The life we live each day

 A few seconds and minutes, waste we may

Yet in the hour that silently pass by

 Each  challenge to overcome, we  must try

Deciding well in advance of what is to be done

With clarity and planning, your wars can be won

For each task, sensible durations you must set

Only then targets and forecasts  would be effectively met

Discipline yourself and strengthen your Will

Accomplish on time and experience you shall an inspiring thrill

Procrastinations and indiscipline, barriers these are

 A casual attitude and targets will always be away and far

A test of life this is, that we must pass

 Time management,  an imprtant need, in a world so fast

The power of a second propels the passion to live

A poem this, to its message, a few seconds can we give?



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