Letters To The Editor, September 14, 2015

Compulsory subject Fergus Garrett, Suva It seems that some of our educators are not aware of the difference between Numeracy and Mathematics.  Numeracy is what we used to call “arithmetic”
14 Sep 2015 10:37
Letters To The Editor, September 14, 2015

Compulsory subject

Fergus Garrett, Suva

It seems that some of our educators are not aware of the difference between Numeracy and Mathematics.  Numeracy is what we used to call “arithmetic” and deals with the numbers we use to measure quantities.  Numeracy is necessary for all these days, especially in household budgeting and such trades as building and tailoring.

Whereas Mathematics uses logic and proof and includes such tools as Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Differential Calculus, Complex Numbers, Topology, Set Theory, Groups, and a host of other topics no man-in-the-street has ever heard of, let alone studied (try Wikipedia on “mathematics”).

Mathematics is needed for higher studies in many branches of knowledge, but not for the majority of persons whose education stops at certificate or diploma level.

To make Mathematics compulsory is, for some students and their teachers, a waste of time and energy.


Climate change

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Our neighboring states in the Pacific are once again voicing out their same opinion of how climate change is affecting them again in the present Suva meet.

What do they expect to get when they have voiced the very same opinion in New York, Brussels, London  and in many other countries and in many other ways but to no avail.

As a leader mentioned he will have nothing to say in 10 to 15 years time because he would have drowned by then. Another leader mentioning that relocating would be just like vanishing from this world.If their voices have not been taken seriously around the world what do they expect to gain from the Suva meet.

The only possible outcome that could be gained from the meeting in Suva that they need to relocate to Fiji.

I feel for these tiny Pacific nations because they don’t have much and time to be thinking of the next step; its us and the world who should be coming up with what to do next.

If the rich nations could help the people from war torn areas, diseases stricken areas, civil war victims, asylum seekers and poor nations in billions of dollars why can’t they just help  the friendly, trustworthy, honest and caring people affected by the so-called climate change victims. Our only hope is that the people of Fiji get together and to pray for our Pacific friends so our almighty Father can have mercy on them.


Disappointed Jetstar passenger

Kim Grace,  Wiley Park Sydney, Australia.

I would like to express my absolute dissatisfaction in regards to how I was treated at Nadi Airport on the 7/9/2015 and 8/9/2015

I am an Australian who was on my sixth trip to Fiji.

I arrived at the departure area with ample of time to catch my flight but the rude gentleman that was so called serving me said that I was late.

When asked what am I supposed to do the gentleman was so rude in replying to me (you have to ring Jet Star and reschedule) while he was walking off.

I was left stranded at Nadi with nowhere to go. I spoke to the supervisor who told me to come back the following day and reschedule the flight and that I would not have to pay for a new ticket.

When I arrived the following day a lady served me and said that they would ring Jet Star after explaining my position, only to be told that I have to pay for a new ticket.

Again I was left stranded in Nadi with the airport knowing that I am a diabetic on insulin.

I was treated with such disrespect and with all the lies and cover up that was made.

I have not slept well since the traumatic event and am seeking legal action.

To the rude gentleman who I spoke to on that morning of my flight and to the supervisor who was too lazy to do her job, you both should not be in the positions you are in. From a very disappointed Australian tourist….


Thank you

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canada

I also thank Saverio Baleikanacea for accepting where Tukai Lagonilakeba and my loyalty lie, politically.

Please note that we are not the only ones who have confirmed the overthrow of a democratically elected government in December 2006; it is a historical fact.

Sometimes God allows changes to be made, breaking man made rules, in order to set things right for His people.

The fact that the Bainimarama-led party had a landslide victory in the last General Elections means the majority of Fijians have supported the clean-up campaign of December 2006.

The new Constitution public holiday has been passed in Parliament and we all just have to enjoy and live with it.

Let us work with this current Government in moving the nation forward into a better Fiji and it is imperative, that we do not drive forward while looking at the rear vision mirror.

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