The Rugby World And The Pool Of Death

By the time you read this article The Rugby World Cup would have begun, as Fiji fans know they are in the dreaded “Pool of Death”, this group consists of
20 Sep 2015 16:00
The Rugby World  And The Pool Of Death
Ajay Bhai Amrit (right), with Sunia Koto.

By the time you read this article The Rugby World Cup would have begun, as Fiji fans know they are in the dreaded “Pool of Death”, this group consists of four out of the top 10 teams in the rugby world, now let’s have a brief look at Fiji’s competition

The England team is a mixture of young and experienced players; they are the host nation and therefore have an excellent chance of success. If they win the group which they are expected to they have a good chance to progress pass the elimination rounds and maybe have a chance to get to the final of the Rugby World Cup. In the past many of the host nations have won the coveted trophy on their home ground.

The Australian team has been in the wilderness for the last few years but as of late has put in some impressive performances which have given the Wallabies a new lease of life.

They are expected to reach semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup but whether they will have the depth in the team to go beyond this many experts are betting against. Never the less you cannot write off the Green and Gold machine

The Welsh team was the number one team in Europe a few seasons ago when they peaked and put in some tremendous performances in the Six Nations Tournament that decides the best team in the Northern Hemisphere.

Since that time they have managed to muster workman-like performances but not quite to the level that the Welsh fans were expecting.

This team also expects to qualify from the pool of death and with their current performances one cannot write off the charismatic Welsh team

The Fiji Team have game winners right across the park, but to stand any chance of qualifying in this tough pool they must go into each and every match fearless and ready to do battle.

Another key element to victory is their mental strength as I am sure England and Australia will torment and frustrate Fiji into making many errors.

Regardless of this Fiji must keep their composure and avoid red and yellow cards at all costs.

We have seen New Zealand come back from certain defeat to win games at the last minute this is more akin to their proven mental strength as team as opposed to their physical presence on the field.

Let’s hope our boys can keep calm and composed under the tremendous pressure they will feel.

I am optimistic that Fiji can do them proud during the course of this tournament.

The Uruguay team is there to give it a go and have nothing to lose.

Being ranked 22nd in the world just to win a game in this formidable pool would be an achievement that they can be proud of.

Regardless of this all the rest of teams must be wary not to pick up any niggling injuries during their games with Uruguay as has been proved so many times in the past that star players in premium teams can be injured due to the unorthodox play of the smaller nations like Uruguay.

There you have it readers a brief summary of the dreaded “Pool of Death”.

I am sure regardless of who goes through to the next round we will be treated to a feast of entertaining and running rugby at its best.

Let the games begin and may the best team win.

 The writer is a Fiji Sun


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