Letters To The Editor, October 8, 2015

Fiji Rugby at its beat Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu. Hats off, salute, praise or whatever expression you could think of, bring them all out because Fiji has caught the rugby world
08 Oct 2015 10:00
Letters To The Editor, October 8, 2015

Fiji Rugby at its beat

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu.

Hats off, salute, praise or whatever expression you could think of, bring them all out because Fiji has caught the rugby world by surprise.   Never before our boys have been praised almost after every game it has played in the World Cup, whether it’s a win or loss they were applaused by every the spectator, the commentators, the media and the very people of Fiji.

Very gallant performance by our boys especially our past weakness the scrum, lineout and our forward plays.

The scoreline against Uruguay prove that the wins by England, Australia and Wales were a mammoth task for them.

Our coaching staff who are they ?

They did a superb job in the same boys through previous coach just a few new ones by setting their mindset that paid off at the end.

John McKee will stay on as he has mentioned and let’s build up for the next World Cup in Japan in 2019.

Great rugby and what a great performance you have shown .



Brilliant team

Samuela Kailawadoko, Nadi

Fiji had confronted three top teams in 16 days . They had been impressive in their last game against Uruguay and they have finished on a high.

The spirit in which our boys played was first class and has been impressive in this world cup.

The dominance in the scrum has given Fiji the advantage however, other areas needed attention.

Truly it was a gala day for Fiji against Uruguay, and a sight which should have made every Fijian proud. The game itself proved one of the most thrilling and interesting contests despite being  played on a wet and slippery turf.

The Fijian supporters clustered in one corner of the grandstand and entertained the crowd with the famous Fijian song “Vanua domoni na noqu vanua” song whenever the spirit moved them and good-humoured enthusiasm prevailed throughout the evening.

Speculations is that the Fiji boys will disperse after celebrating Fiji Day in the U.K ‘Happy Fiji Day to you all and your families. Consolation for all the efforts put-in – thanks to all the memories at the 2015 Rugby world cup…Isa, Isa vulagi lasa dina, nomu lako au na rarawa kina…….


Siberia and Nauru

Keith Gregory, Lautoka

Ok if I am right the largest cheque book in the region has asked/told Nauru to at last open what is a concentration camp in our region …

OK so what did actually happen ?

1.The Nauruan population has potentially 600-1000 extra people on an island you can drive around in 25 minutes.

2.That those people are confined to that island

3.Those people, who don’t really want to be there in the first place might resent being mistreated, ignored and sexually assaulted and being described as the new phosphate might just revolt.

4.How will Nauru contain that if it happened, how would other Pacific countries react especially if the island is rendered innacsessible? Would Australia assist after making this problem in the first place and would it dully compensate Nauru for this outrage which  will only further soil Australias name even after using this region as its dumping ground by taking advantage of a situation it helped set up over the years the phosphate was being mined ?


  1. This island imports everything including water from Fiji (I have friends here who worked on the boats supplying it) and other places historically and has only one product, phosphate which has practically run out leaving the island the most logical place for Australia’s cheque book to work its wonders to solve what is fundamentally a non-issue made into one by self-serving politicians and media in Australia which if anything shows just how much the LibLab parties have in common, so much in fact that they are misleading the Australian voter at every election !

The problem is whether there is freedom or not with the new situation in Nauru.

When Australia was putting these disgusting and very un-Australian camps on its home soil they put them in places like Woomera in South Australia a place I’ve been to several times.

It’s a town surrounded by over 400km of flat rocky desert with absolutely no trees, in fact the Americans tested and still test their space rovers etc in a huge area of that part of SA.

Another town that hosted a camp, Port Hedland in WA is so flat and exposed one can see its lights from 30km out! I’ve seen it coming in on the road at night.

So are they actually free or not?

I ask the reasonable readers of your paper to decide and welcome the Nauruan comment.







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