A True Subaru Fan

Subaru cars have a language of their own and Adbul Rahim is a true lover of the brand! He has been carrying this passion for Subaru cars since he was
10 Oct 2015 09:27
A True Subaru Fan
Abdul Rahim with his Subaru named TEVORO. Photo: Pure Images Fiji

Subaru cars have a language of their own and Adbul Rahim is a true lover of the brand!

He has been carrying this passion for Subaru cars since he was in high school and says he will continue to do so.

Sun Wheels caught up with Mr Rahim at the Subie group launch last Sunday where he told us about his journey with Subaru.

“I recently purchased another Forester car and I believe this Subie Group launch is a really good awareness to those who are fascinated by these cars,” he said.

“We encourage this event so that people can come together and form a group and avoid street racing as well as making noise on these streets.

“It is better for people to participate in these kinds of free shows where they get together and showcase their interest for cars.”

When asked on his opinion on drag race, he said: “I haven’t actually built a car which can race.

“My dream is actually to build a car which we can showcase in these events but probably in the future I might be able to build something that can participate in drag racing.”


Special Features

Mr Rahim’s impressive monster themed black Subaru cannot be missed on our roads. This mainly because of the number plate – ‘TEVORO’.

“I have repainted this car into a fully black vehicle and have modified the engines and also painted it,” Mr Rahim explained.

“There are also adjustable in the car where you can adjust the height of the engine.

“My car is a Subaru Forester but it has the features of the RWRX,” he said.

He added close to $9000  was spent on the refurbishment of this car alone and these parts are available locally.

However, some of these parts are sold in China and Japan but car dealers also have sources to spare parts to help bring it in.

This is his fourth year to own a Subaru car and he really encourages people to pick this brand.

“He said it is people don’t usually purchase it because of the lack of knowledge but what they don’t understand is its parts are vastly available here making it easier for the customers,” he explained.

Mr Rahim finds his passion from the ‘bubbling exhaust sound’.

“For my car it doesn’t need a turbo engine to make this sound and it’s really appealing because people do admire Subaruis,” he said.



What are your thoughts on Motor Sports in Fiji?
The Motor Sports organisers are doing a great job in promoting races and car shows in Fiji. It gives us opportunities to showcase our vehicles and their performance. This event is turning into a family outing which is great from my perspective.

What was your first vehicle?

My first vehicle was Suzuki auto which I purchased in 2008. It was a small vehicle. However, from that vehicle I started building my passion for cars.

Dream vehicle

Obviously a Subaru and a 34 GDL.

Who taught you how to drive?

My dad

Type of vehicle you prefer:


Most memorial road trip:

A four-wheel drive trip through Monasavu and around the country. I opted to leave my Subaru because it was too low for the bumpy rides but it was a really amazing experience.



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