Letters To The Editor, 13 October, 2015

Response to Bulitavu Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva SODELPA Parlimentarian Mosese Bulitavu  has revealed to us new information about the early history of  Bau and Fiji.  I understand the new revelation  expressed
13 Oct 2015 07:59
Letters To The Editor, 13 October, 2015

Response to Bulitavu

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

SODELPA Parlimentarian Mosese Bulitavu  has revealed to us new information about the early history of  Bau and Fiji.  I understand the new revelation  expressed in this newspaper  are Hon Bulitavu’s own research based on primary source of information and does not bear any association with anyone.

Especially the suggestions that points to the possibility  of illigetimacy and infidelity are mere degradation  of existing relations (veiwekani) and indeed it is abhorrrent and can polarise kingship between vanua.

These are matters that deserves to be dealt with at the Native Land Commissioners office (Liuliu ni Veitarogi Vanua) rather then printed in this good newspaper.

The recommendation to the PM to investigate the past is just a waste of time.  Let the ‘truth’ be buried  and let the ‘wrong’ carry on, it won’t bring blessing to anybody ever; they all have been murderers and concealers of the truth.  Let sleeping dogs remain asleep.

The intelligent Hon Bulitavu has taught us  another version of history according to what he has found.

Maybe it will change  the past to whatever he has found.  What a magic wand!

I am not writing this letter  to discredit nor to affirm  his revelation of that version of history but merely to point out that it makes no difference  whether the anomalies are corrected or not.  The current version  is etched into peoples mind for generations up to today. Its accepted as undeniable truth despite the controversy.

Its worrying though  that a new denial of GCC is rearing its head again.  Before it came from Alisi Daurewa with her theory of Ceylonese origin.  Now its from within SODELPA itself where the revival of the insititution is supposed to be supported.

The institution is promoting inequality and must not be restored according to Hon Bulitavu. These stance reeks of historical materialistic theory  of Marxism obviously.

The GCC was certainly formed not for Bauan vested interest but as a tool for the British to rule with lesser resitance and conflict in Fiji.  This was part of their indirect policy whilst ruling this country and they bestowed the Tui Viti title because of Cakobau’s strength through conquest not intrigues and tricks.

It cannot be denied that the power of SODELPA or any other i-Taukei party to contest the next election will depend on such conservative views given the two big traditional stalwarts of the party.

Its obvious that certain members of the party feel frustrated of the system because of unrecognised demands due to class differences  and power politics.  Unfortunately they call for   the abolition  of the contributor of such frustration.  Do not blame the system they say but the person.

But surely this is not a time  for politicians (especially i-Taukei) to get into one anothers throat in the interrest of this nation.

They must come together  with reasoned consideration and appreciation of each others differences.

If the current admisistration thinks that i-Taukei matters should be administered in the mainstream Government service so be it.  Why send chiefs’ children to education when such special treatment is absent.

As Christians we must think of Joseph in the book of Genesis who was sold as slave  by his brothers  and later became a favourite of Pharaoh, and returned good favors to his brothers and fellow Hebrews.

This is God’s world not men’s and the truth will speak at its own time.


Anyone can be President

Tukai Lagonilakeba,


There are three things that come to mind when the question of who should be our next President, many from our Fijian public are calling for our current President to be allowed to carry on in his current position because of his popularity, he is well liked, accessible to the people, he has withstood the test of times in some of our countries darkest moments but most importantly he has done justice during his two terms in office.

No.1, Section 83 and 84 of 2013 Constitution specifically dictates the process, conditions, qualification and the appointment of our next President and should never allow the old thinking of giving it to someone from the Kubuna, Tovata or the Burebasaga Confederacy as it is now obsolete.

No.2, it must be on merit with the best possible candidate in one who is willing to take over from the traits left behind by his predecessor but not because one is a ratu or marama.

Vinaka to our world acclaimed constitution, anyone Fijian, women, man or a commoner can become a President or Prime Minister for that matter, a surprise is in store Fiji, expect the unexpected.

No.3, our Parliament makeup and the numbers will dictate who our next President becomes and may the best qualified flying Fijian win, the majority is the will and the mandate of all Fijians.

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