Students To Abide By Rules, Regulations

Fijian High Commission in India says they have yet to receive official notification of specific cases Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholars from Fiji have been advised to abide by
14 Oct 2015 10:30
Students To Abide By Rules, Regulations
Indian Cultural Centre, High Commission of India director Kishan Lal Kanojia.

Fijian High Commission in India says they have yet to receive official notification of specific cases

Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholars from Fiji have been advised to abide by ICCR regulations as sponsors and follow the prescribed rules of the Bureau of Immigration of the government of India.

This is after Indian Cultural Centre, High Commission of India director, Kishan Lal Kanojia said earlier that some Fijian students under ICCR scholarships had gone into hiding in India after their scholarships were terminated or visas expired.

Fijian High Commissioner to India Yogesh Karan told the Fiji Sun from New Delhi that until now they had not received any formal notification from any concerned Indian authorities like the ICCR being the sponsors or relevant universities nor from the students themselves.

Mr Karan said the Fijian High Commission in New Delhi had not received any report on the matter.

ICCR in Fiji are working very closely with the High Commission in New Delhi to send home a Fijian student from Bangalore who has been overstaying, however Mr Karan said the Fijian High Commission had not received any notification or any report from the Bureau of Immigration in India on the matter.

“In India, if a foreign national is arrested, Police will register a FIR (First Incident Report) and then the concerned diplomatic mission is advised of the arrest.

“Since a Fiji citizen has been mentioned as stranded in Bangalore, we would appreciate if the concerned individual contacts the Fijian High Commission directly for further assistance.

“We are readily available to assist Fiji citizens, but the onus is on the students to contact us if they are facing problems,” he said.

Mr Karan further said according to the high commission records there were no unresolved cases regarding Fijian nationals.

“Furthermore, the high commission has assisted every Fiji citizen within its ambit, those who have contacted or consulted the mission and in recent years we have consulted with the director of ICCR for release of stipend from ICCR to students in Pune and facilitated the return tickets for a student based in Kolkata,” he said.


ICCR general instructions to applicants

  •  A progress report, along with certified copy of mark-sheet, must be submitted every semester/annually to ensure continuation of scholarship by the council.
  •  The stipend and HRA will be paid only up to the declaration of result/receipt of provisional certificate and not up to the issuance of degree by the Institute/University.
  • If a student decides to return to his/her country before the completion of the course, he/she would not be entitled to a return passage (in cases where ICCR has agreed to pay international airfares). The expenditure would need to be borne by the scholar himself/herself. On returning to his/her country, he/she is required to refund the amount of airfare paid by the Indian Mission for travel to India as well as the scholarship amount paid by ICCR during his/her stay in India.
  • ICCR will not pay airfares or any other expenses related to students travelling outside India during vacations or during the duration of the course.
  • Students must ensure that they have completed the mandatory attendance as required by that particular university to be eligible to take their exams. The council will not issue any recommendation letter if the scholar is short of attendance.
  • Council would not extend the scholarship period if the scholar is detained/debarred from sitting in the exam because of shortage of attendance.


Discontinuation/cancellation of  scholarship

  • Generally ICCR discontinues scholarship payment when a scholar fails in his/her examination. The student is then asked to clear his/her examination as a self-financing student, with the clear understanding that ICCR would revive his/her scholarship only after he/she clears the examination successfully within one year. If he/she fails again, the scholarship would be cancelled.
  • Scholarship could be cancelled if the scholar fails repeatedly or is involved in exam-malpractices/anti-social activities, or is found violating the terms and conditions of ICCR scholarships.

In accordance with the Indian Immigration Laws, extensions are granted on different categories of visas as per requirements on case-to-case basis.

The foreigner seeking extension must ensure that he/she submits application and the required supporting documents for extension well before date of expiry of visa.

The conditions and supporting documents required for extension of visa.

The whole process is available online

As such the onus is on respective individuals to make appropriate submission to FFRO. If a foreigner has violated particular section of Indian Immigration regulation he/she is required to pay certain penalty.


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