Be the Bees

One of the best corporate trainers for subjects of managerial excellence, self-development and leadership could be the ever busy bees!!! But why would they be perceived as corporate trainers? Well!
17 Oct 2015 10:14
Be the Bees

One of the best corporate trainers for subjects of managerial excellence, self-development and leadership could be the ever busy bees!!!
But why would they be perceived as corporate trainers? Well! The answer lies in almost each of their actions.
If you can observer the bees preferably from a disciplined distance, you will see and learn some of the best qualities required for a leader or manager!
Which are these specific ‘leadership qualities’!!!

The bee reflects or exudes a very strong attitude of Assertiveness! You would never come across a bee that is nervous or shy. They always demonstrate high levels of self- confidence in every action. In fact, it is this attitude that keeps even humans away from them and allows them to carry out their daily activities without disturbance.

And then in certain situations you may also see, quite vividly, their aggression too! Especially when disturbed or even when attacked by some of their rivals like wasps, you will see their assertiveness transforming into channelled aggression.

The bees have always demonstrated how one can show aggression only when required and not always. At the same time, we learn that like them, we must be constantly assertive in those situations which could make us nervous or diffident!

This personality trait of the bees is something we can and should steadily learn and develop to be implemented whenever the situation demands!


Another aspect of the ever busy bee is that it seems to be self-motivated and that too, all the time! The bees seem to be buzzing around perpetually.

This constant search for pollen despite changing weather conditions as well as in the event of certain natural disturbances will never deter the bees from their Constant Pursuit towards achieving their daily targets!!!

I am sure like us they may have their good and bad days but their attitude of being motivated through all the changing situations should be an inspiring message to us for enhancing and sustaining our own Self- Motivation!!!

Bees demonstrate extremely high levels of concentration too! The focus with which they keep going about their work is truly awe- inspiring.

So much deep is their focus that even if one would walk close their ‘hive’ you will find not even a single bee getting disturbed.

Totally focused and highly ‘involved’ in their work is probably what makes them so successful in their life.

There is almost perfection in all their actions and that mainly is through the intense focus with which they work together!

The bees give a new meaning to the word hardworking. Throughout the day and the night the bees are at it constantly!

Each one is clear about its action plan and nothing stops them. Not even tiredness. What is to be noted is that when they are involved in their tasks, they seldom rest!

I am sure, like us and other animals; they too must be resting at some points of time in the 24 hours.

But while at work they truly work the hardest. No tea breaks, not chit chatting about non-important and non –relevant stuff!!! May be something for us to pleasantly think about!!!

This is a very specific point of observation! As you know, in every bee-colony, there is the ‘Queen Bee’.

She is the sort of Captain of Ship (the Honey- Comb) and what is extremely important to note is the attitude with which all the bees protect her from any external as well as internal disturbances!!!

We can see this Protective attitude very clearly when a bee colony and its hive is attacked by rival bees or wasps.

The bees probably may have some elite ‘commando types’ who will be looking after the protection not only of the queen bee but also protect the new babies too!

Their protective attitude in fact is seen in the ferocity with which they stand tall and strong to the larger and more dangerous wasps and this attitude in the way they manage turbulent circumstances is learning for us.

I believe that every bee is highly fearless. The courage she shows all through her activities and especially in situations like mentioned in the earlier point is very useful for us as motivation.

The bees are so fearless that they are even willing to make the ‘ultimate sacrifice’.

They can sting only once and after which they in that act of stinging also sacrifice their own life.

Their attitude of unbelievable ‘courage’ can be a inspiration for us in the many endeavors we may undertake.

Team Working and Productivity:

Finally, if one were too study the bees, what will stand out is that they are the best examples of Team work.

They will be working collectively and in a much synchronized manner. It is almost like their tasks are well delegated and supremely executed.

And this team work actually has made the bees most productive.

One can truly learn Team building and Team working from these ‘Ever Busy Bees’!!!

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